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Welcome to the Real Estate Investment Strategy Podcast! My guest for today’s episode is Joe Taylor, who is currently crushing the scene in Portland. His business – PDX Renovations – is 3 parts wholesale and 1 part fix-and-flip. But 100% of his investment strategy is a real game changer. I brought Joe on today because he sees things a little differently than the rest of us. We all know that real estate is always evolving, and Joe gives a fresh take on this business with his marketing and investment strategies.

Joe’s business strategy is all about being humble. He doesn’t like negativity, and he works hard to make sure his team and his clients experience the best customer service. His entire reputation depends on it. He talks today about how building and maintaining a positive reputation for his business gives his numbers and his margins a huge, affirmative boost.

There’s no point dwelling on the negative, and bringing Joe on the show today will definitely inspire you to focus on the forward momentum you’re generating. Remember – if you can believe it, you can achieve it! And if you are willing to give back to your team, your clients, and your community, success will continue to find you in the best ways possible.


4:30 - Joe Taylor calls in from Beaver Creek

6:00 - How Joe started in real estate

7:30 - What does Joe’s wholesale team look like?

8:22 - Joe’s biggest influence in the business

10:54 - How Joe evolved from fix and flips to wholesale

13:20 - Joe’s big Profit Master Strategy

14:11 - Joe walks us through one of his wholesale deals

16:50 - How does Joe get 60-70 leads per week?

19:35 - How does Joe build his buyer list?

23:20 - Joe faces his biggest real estate challenge

24:33 - How did Joe build his stellar business reputation?

25:54 - What to do when a client tries to go back on the contract

29:56 - Joe breaks down his marketing strategy

32:36 - The greatest lesson Joe ever learned

36:25 - Joe’s always been the giving type

37:18 - Joe drops advice for the new guys

38:46 - How did coaching help Joe build his brand?

40:39 - Coaching adds huge value!

42:19 - Joe’s favorite motivational quote

44:32 - Joe’s favorite book

47:25 - Joe gets just 5 hours of sleep!

48:25 - What is Joe most grateful for?

51:00 - Joe is addicted to this business

53:48 - How can you help Joe?


Our success comes from a lot of consistency. - Joe

I don’t look at yesterday. I don’t look at the past at all. I’m focused on tomorrow. - Joe

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Mindset by Carol Dweck


Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


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