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My guest today is about to drop some juicy nuggets of knowledge, and a little bit of motivation. Andy McFarland comes from my Collective Genius mastermind group, and this guy is dominating real estate investment. Although he’s based out of Utah, he’s crushing it in the markets of three different states. That’s right, three! How can one person balance all of that and still take time to be with their family and nurture their own personal growth? [youtube][/youtube] Andy breaks down his inspiration and his motivation in today’s episode, and he shares a few pointers that can help you balance your business with your life. What we both focus on is our personal growth, and when you channel that kind of energy into your real estate investment strategies, you will really start to notice success grow across all parts of your life. From marketing, to investment, to family and friends, Andy’s got a handle on it all. [Tweet "Slow and steady, don’t take money from this thinking that real estate’s always going to go up "] MINUTE MARKERS: 3:30 - Andy breaks down his area of expertise in real estate investment 4:04 - How Andy got involved in real estate 4:45 - You’d never guess where Andy got his entrepreneurial start 6:00 - Andy’s “enough is enough” moment 8:02 - What inspired Andy to pursue real estate professionally? 9:49 - The biggest mistake Andy made in real estate (and what you can learn from it) 11:45 - Andy’s best investment strategies (and it’s something you’ve never heard before!) 12:30 - How to nail Single Task Marketing 13:28 - What marketing niche works best across different states? 14:40 - How Andy sets up his business across three different states 18:14 - Recruiting the best team to build your business 19:25 - Andy’s advice for running a successful real estate business 20:55 - What would Andy tell his 22 year old self? 22:16 - The top 2 motivational quotes that drive Andy toward success 23:47 - Andy reads A LOT and gives his book recommendations 26:25 - Why The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People is so important to this business 29:22 - Andy’s top 3 favorite apps 30:47 - Setting a price for business based on your terms (with book AND app recommendations) 32:19 - Andy’s morning routine 34:19 - Life lessons from Andy’s experience with family and business 36:19 - What is Andy most grateful for? 36:53 - Don’t hire a coach until you want to be successful 38:43 - Andy breaks down what drives him to pursue this business 40:03 - Andy and his brother have a pet project: [Tweet "I kind of view my real estate business as more of like the Henry Ford assembly line process "] Links and Resources: Get in touch with Andy over at his website. He loves feedback, questions, and comments, and don’t forget to follow the channel on YouTube. Rich Dad Poor Dad both changed our perspectives on business. Dropbox app Voxer app 10bii financial calculator app at iTunes and Google Play And before you use that calculator, Andy recommends checking out the book Invest in Debt to help you calculate your finances correctly and efficiently. Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, people? This is Cory Boatright. I'm the founder of and your host here on Profit Master Podcast Series. We have an incredible real estate investor, name is Andy McFarland. He’s down in Utah and he is just dominating and crunching it right now. What’s he doing? He’s going into different markets, different states, and being successful at flipping properties, and actually dominating those particular areas. You're going to want to pay attention on how he’s doing that. Also, I think that was pretty interesting on how he does his memorization technique in the morning, make sure you pay attention to that as well. It’s a very jam-packed interview that you're going to absolutely get a to...
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Get your tablet ready – or pen and paper if you’re old school – because you’re going to want to take some notes from this interview. If you’ve never heard of Colm McCormack, he’s quickly going to become one of your favorite real estate masterminds after this episode. I take a crack at his business model and he breaks down the metrics of his investment team to show you exactly how many appointments it takes to book a contract. [youtube][/youtube] Colm comes out of Colorado Springs, and he’s part of my mastermind group, The Collective Genius. He used to be a pastor, and he’s taken a shot at a lot of different business ventures before he decided to settle down with real estate investment. It works out really well for us that he chose real estate because his due diligence and his insight into new strategies is going to give you a lot to think about when it comes to designing your business goals for 2016. He’s already sold 6 houses this January! So if you want your year to start looking like his, tune in to hear Colm explain some of his numbers (both good and bad) so you can learn what it takes to succeed in 2016’s competitive real estate market. [Tweet "If it’s a fast deal and you don’t know what you’re doing, slow down."] TOPICS: 3:52 –  Colm breaks down his real estate expertise 6:55 –  The “breaking point” that tipped Colm into real estate 8:00 –  How much did Colm make on his first close? 8:26 –  Colm’s biggest influence in the business 10:20 – The mistake that cost Colm $60K 12:48 – Keeping greed out of your business plan 15:22 – Colm’s Profit Master strategies and what’s working the best 18:15 – How did Colm get 8 contracts out of 10 appointments? 19:20 – Colm closed all 8 of those contracts too! 19:33 – How to get a quality list the way Colm does 23:01 – Colm breaks down his current contracts, appointments, and costs per lead 24:24 – Colm’s best advice for starting a new business (and why it’s important to test new strategies) 25:40 – What would Colm change about his current business model? 26:20 – Colm’s favorite business quote 28:08 – The book that changed Colm’s life 28:50 – Why Colm’s obsessed with measuring his results 31:40 – Colm’s morning routine for success (he wakes up early!) 35:40 – When should you hire a mentor? 37:25 – Colm claims that inspiration is the best motivator 38:40 – Colm’s goals for 2016 and how you can help [Tweet "If you're in the top 10% of your field, you’ll survive because your field will always survive."] Links and Resources: If you’re in the Pueblo or Colorado Springs area, or just want to hit Colm up for some solid advice, shoot him an email at And don’t forget to check out our mastermind group at Visit for some of the great marketing tools Colm has been using to promote his properties. Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Whitman is the book Colm references in today’s interview.   Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, party investors. This is Cory Boatright. I am founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and your host on Profit Mastery Product Cast series. I hope you're having a phenomenal, fun, fulfilled, and incredible day. I'm bringing to you another interview with a guy that you’ve probably never heard of. I’d be shocked if you’ve ever heard of Colm McCormack. He’s one of our Mastermind members in the Collective Genius. Make sure you check out the show notes in the link for that. Colm is somebody that is actually a former pastor of a church, he’s got his Masters in Divinity, he went and has been up and down for successful ventures, and he kind of settled with real estate investing. What we do in this interview is really unlike any other one today. We broke down all the metrics of his business, I'm talking about how many leads came in, the equal appointment,
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Joe Fairless is anything but an average joe. You’re going to learn so much from him on today’s episode. His insight into real estate and commercial property investment may actually change the way you play the game, and he brings his own profit master investing strategies to the table so you can start taking advantage of his unique insight.

What makes Joe one of my favorite people is not just that he moonlights as a stand-up comedian but that he focuses on staying motivated and remaining fulfilled in his career and his life choices. He controls nearly 21 million dollars in real estate properties, but he’s smart enough to know that monetary goals are not the only fulfilling achievements you can accomplish. He’s innovative, clever, funny, and one of the chillest people I’ve met in the business, and his positive outlook on life and investing is really going to change the way you approach your real estate investment goals.


4:20 What it’s like to manage over $20 million in real estate properties

4:59 Joe’s expertise in apartment and commercial property management

5:28 How Joe got his hands dirty in real estate

8:57 Joe stays fulfilled with his “sample life experiences” (and guess which huge comedian opened for Joe’s comedy show!)

12:10 How working with advertising influenced Joe’s real estate career

12:58 Joe’s mentor and how he helped shape him as an entrepreneur

13:43 Joe’s 4 major mentors in real estate and what he learned from them

18:34 Joe’s unique profit master investing strategies

22:44 How podcasts and social media boost my, Joe’s, and your real estate deals

24:09 Joe gives his own advice for running your own real estate business (hint: hire the right team!)

26:15 Joe’s tips for those ready to get started in the real estate business

31:17 Joe’s not a techy but he still has a favorite app

36:30 The biggest life lesson Joe learned in this business

38:33 Joe’s power mantras and incantations that keep his successful perspective

39:34 When to hire a mentor, according to Joe

41:10 How you can get in touch with Joe

Tune in to Joe’s podcast The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever and leave him a rave review!

If you want to get in touch with Joe with questions, advice, or just want to let him know you heard him on my show, shoot him an email at


Joe: “I was searching and seeking out different experiences that would be fulfilling because I wasn’t fulfilled in my full-time job.”

Joe: “It’s about experiencing the emotions of where you want to go and you’ll start taking more action towards getting there.”


‘Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement



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