Real Estate Investing Profit Masters by Cory Boatright
My guest today has an amazing real estate investment strategy. Wayne Sheaffer is killing it with wholesales in Indiana because he works wide instead of going deep. He’s picking out homes in rural areas and less crowded suburban towns because there is little to no competition. Once he establishes his real estate foundation, then he starts working deeper to build his buyer list. He talks today about how exactly he uses bandit signs to build that buyer list and the ways you can apply his new perspectives on your own investment strategy.

When Wayne got sick of working for Corporate America and sleeping in his office, he took a shot at real estate. His trick is to focus on the risk rather than the money and to work toward something bigger than yourself. Today’s interview is all about not only how to turn your investments into a well-oiled wholesale machine but the ways in which you can apply your core principles to your big business plan.



3:33 - Here’s Mr. Wayne Sheaffer from Highland, Indiana!

3:57 - Are you an Indians fan or a Cubs fan?

4:45 - We’re both from the Collective Genius Mastermind Group

5:56 - Wayne breaks down his real estate investing expertise

6:40 -Why does Wayne love wholesaling so much?

7:15 - Wayne’s perspective on rent-to-own

8:00 - Wayne sold 100 houses in 100 days!

8:39 - How did Wayne get involved in real estate investing?

11:40 - Wayne’s big breaking point

14:00 - We share our experiences on what it’s like to be a number in Corporate America

15:56 - The biggest challenge Wayne’s faced in investing

20:07 - What’s Wayne’s favorite motivational quote?

20:48 - The trick to Wayne’s strategy is he’s still using hand-written bandit signs

23:42 - How is Wayne attracting buyers from other states?

25:30 - Does Wayne get any trouble for his bandit signs?

27:00 - Wayne breaks down his buying list

29:21 - The best lesson Wayne ever learned

31:56 - What would Wayne do differently if he could?

37:15 - Wayne’s favorite business quote is a bible verse

39:50 - What books changed Wayne’s life?

44:44 - Wayne’s favorite app is his own personal assistant

46:45 - What is Wayne most grateful for?

50:40 - Wayne knows how important a mentor can be

53:29 - What gets Wayne up in the morning?

55:50 - Connect with Wayne this March at his Belief Events with the Good Success Academy



Carleton Sheets

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Traction by Gino Wickman

Four Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney

Good Success Academy



A house a day keeps the creditors away. - Wayne


If you want to become a millionaire, real estate is probably your best chance at it. - Wayne


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