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A lot of people go in for the kill in this business, but my guest today is all about focusing on the bigger picture. Cody Hofhine’s expertise may be in wholesaling and whole-tailing (something he breaks down in this episode), but he devotes most of his energy and his time to building sales relationships that pay off. His motto is “ERT”, which stands for “establishing relationships of trust”. He knows he can’t close a deal if there’s no trust between him and the client, so he and his team focus on being the best friend they can be before ever drawing up a contract.   This real estate investing strategy is paying off too! Cody just got started last May, and his business is booming in Utah. He talks about how he pulled in a profit of $27K on one of his toughest sales just through trust and perseverance. Maintaining open lines of communication and an open mind are key to his success, and he’s here to talk about how the process of selling is actually a process of loving – loving yourself, loving your clients, loving your team and loving this business. [Tweet "If you can mimic the rockstars, you can become a rockstar pretty quick. - Cody"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:40 - Here’s Mr. Cody Hofhine! 4:25 - What is Cody’s real estate focus in Utah? 4:55 - Cody breaks down his whole-tailing process 5:11 - What is Cody’s biggest influence in investing? 6:13 - What was Cody’s breaking point? 8:23 - Cody’s biggest challenge in real estate and how he powered through 12:46 - What is Cody’s investing strategy? 13:13 - Cody drops some knowledge on how to hire the best team possible 16:30 - What kind of success is Cody seeing in Utah? 20:30 - Stay-at-home moms and virtual assistants are the rockstars on Cody’s team 22:23 - What’s the greatest lesson Cody’s learned? 23:45 - Cody’s best advice for new real estate investors is to find a mentor! 26:45 - Cody’s favorite motivational quote 28:30 - “The Slight Edge” is the book that changed Cody’s life 30:00 - What app is Cody using every day? 34:34 - Why does Cody wake up at 5am every day? 35:58 - What is Cody most grateful for? 36:45 - How important has a mentor been to Cody’s success? 38:06 - What is the secret to Cody’s motivation? 42:44  onnect with Cody at Investor Grit [Tweet "Keep it simple, break it down simple, and keep it actionable. - Cody"] Links and Resources: Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander Best Vinyl Fencing The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Tony Robbins The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Cam Scanner App Investor Grit Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, people, people, people. This is Cory Boatright, I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters and the founder of Real Estate Investing Profits. I hope you’re having a phenomenal, fun, productive, amazing, incredible day. Every day that we’re above ground is a huge blessing. Can I get an Amen? I hear one? There is. Alright, thank you. We have an incredible guest. All our guest are incredible but this one today is going to talk about wholesaling and wholetailing. Wholesaling and wholetailing, have you heard of what wholetailing is? Well if you haven’t, make sure you stay tuned and listen to what Cody Hofhine is really doing out there in Utah. He’s going to blow you away. He’s got some great tips. His story is phenomenal. You just going to be a really riveted by some of the things he’s got going on right now. I’m excited to have you here, this interview. I’m also excited for you to download your Quick Start Guide, your Ultimate Real Estate Investing Down and Dirty Quick Start Guide by texting the word profit to 38470. That is texting the word profit to 38470. It automatically, magically, be sent over to you. Click on the link, download it, and you got it. Alright. I hope that you are going to stay tuned here and listen all the way through in this interview, it is great.
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