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Today’s guest is Tony Javier. He’s in San Diego crushing it with rehabs and rentals, turning over 60 properties a year. His unique profit making strategy involves a really great rent-to-own policy that’s paid off over the years, and his highly skilled team of employees is really what makes it all possible for him. He’s on today to talk about how important his team and his mentors have been to his success in real estate. [youtube][/youtube] Even though rehab is his number one focus, Tony talks a lot about the importance of people. He learned early on how hard it was trying to do everything himself, and it gets even harder if you don’t have a real hiring strategy in place. But even with the systems, you need to put good people in the positions they deserve. When you have the right people, you know you can trust their decisions, trust their deals, and really see your profits soar. How do you find these good people? Tony’s advice involves finding a mentor, someone who’s done it before and can give you advice on how to hire. In fact, Tony’s biggest piece of advice for everyone is to find a mentor ASAP! He’s been using coaches since the beginning – he even finds himself mentoring others half the time – and the lessons he’s learned from them have proven to be invaluable. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and a mentor or a coach will only help you on that path toward enlightenment. Without his mentors, Tony would never have built the team he has today or the unique rent-to-own profit strategy he’s perfected. [Tweet "Be brave and make it happen. - Tony"] MINUTE MARKERS 4:58 - Tony is doing a killer job with rehabs 6:25 - How is Tony working with brokerage? 7:07 - Who is Tony’s biggest influence? 8:15 - When did Tony start to see a scale possibility in real estate? 9:40 - Tony’s had a few breaking points with employees and tenants 11:46 - How to use your natural drive to push through problems 13:42 - Tony shares his two-tiered profit master investing strategy 14:51 - How does Tony find his rehab properties? 16:27 - What are the perks and profits of rent-to-own? 17:58 - Is there a difference between lease with options and rent-to-own? 20:20 - Tony’s secret sauce for screening possible tenants is his broker 22:20 - How does Tony use private lenders? 23:10 - Craigslist is Tony best marketing trick 24:35 - Tony breaks down mortgage payments and rent credits 28:08 - The biggest lesson Tony learned 30:10 - Getting a mentor is Tony’s advice for newcomers 33:30 - Tony’s favorite motivational quote 34:17 - He loves Audible and The One Thing is Tony’s favorite book 36:32 - is Tony’s app of choice 37:31 - Tony’s morning routine involves ignoring emails 41:07 - What’s Tony most grateful for? 42:15 - Tony has been using mentors since the beginning 43:40 - Tony is working on building something bigger than himself 46:20 - Get in touch with Tony on his site at [Tweet "You have to have good people in place and you have to have good systems. - Tony "] Links and Resources: Tony’s Real Estate Blueprint Than Merrill and Fortune Builders Carleton Sheets BOLD Seminar with Keller Williams The One Thing by Gary Keller app Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What’s up? What’s going on people? This is Cory Boatright; I am your host and founder to I want to welcome you again, we’re on Episode 39 of our Profit Master’s podcast series. We’re continuing to bring better and incredible guests to you so they can reveal their profit master strategies that they’re killing it in their marketplace. You can copy those things and add them into your own business. Before we get going here with today’s interview, which is incredible, I want to remind you to text the word profit to 38470. All you have to do is get your phone,
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