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I’m changing up this episode of Real Estate Investment Masters because my guest today isn’t focused on investing. Frank Curtin is focused on investors. I have known Frank Curtin for 6 years now, and he’s part of my mastermind group, so I’ve seen firsthand how he’s helped investors just like us get organized, get focused, and start succeeding the way they’re supposed to in this business. He breaks down the 8 core things you must know to have a thriving business and shares his experiences and anecdotes so you can see how his processes work in real life with real business models. [youtube][/youtube] Real estate investment requires focus, time, and the ability to implement the systems, software, and processes that work best for you and your team. Frank discusses how to break down your unique abilities so you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t.  In fact, if you tune in right now, Frank and I are going to tell you exactly how you can start transforming your job and your small business into your full-time and fulfilling career. [Tweet "If you happen to like and love what you do, that’s your unique ability. - Frank"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:45 - Frank focuses on real estate investors and helps them grow their businesses 4:42 - What is Frank’s expertise with investors like us? 7:07 - How Frank went from working for IBM to working for himself 8:38 - Frank’s prism metaphor will help you focus on what’s important 10:24 - What “unique ability” means for your business and your investments 12:05 - Using your solo org chart to help you hire the right people for the right job 14:42 - The grueling process of acquisition and how implementing procedures can help break down your systems into manageable units 16:20 - Understanding Frank’s Level 10 process and the bigger part of building a business (FYI Frank runs his Level 10 every week) 19:20 - How Frank defines his to-do list 21:57 - The 8 core questions you should be asking yourself about your business 28:20 - Frank’s experience makes him one of the most trustworthy mentors out there today 29:56 - How these processes put 100% of your team on the same page 30:28 - Frank’s favorite business quote 32:06 - The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni changed Frank’s life 33:27 - Frank’s a techie, so check out his top 3 favorite mobile apps 34:45 - Frank’s morning routine starts at 7am every morning no matter what 36:17 - What loss taught Frank to be most grateful for 38:24 - Where fulfillment in life comes from (and it’s not personal genius) 42:05 - Why does Frank get so charged about what he does for a living? 44:33 - Get in touch with Frank at for some free resources 45:00 - The biggest thing Frank wants to do right now is help those who many not have the opportunity to grow their businesses the way they want 47:30 - What hiring a coach and mentor can do for you and your business [Tweet "When I learned to serve and lead with service, I experienced joys I can’t begin to describe. - Frank"] Links and Resources: Build your business around Traction by Gino Wickman and check out his other book Rocket Fuel, co-written with Mark Winters Use Glip to communicate with the team Use Smart Sheet for managing projects Frank created Doc and Do for process management Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is Cory Boatright, your founder of Real Estate Investing Profits, host of Real Estate Profit Master podcast series. What is going on? Hope you're having a phenomenal, productive, fun day, don’t leave out the fun. Everything else doesn’t really matter sometimes if you leave out the fun.We’re going to bring you another incredible guest, his name is Frank Curtin. I’ve known Frank for a little while, probably about 6 years. He’s also in the Collective Genius Mastermind which many of our guests we bring on here are a part of becau...
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You won’t always see Jim Huntzicker on stage at seminars, but he’s shaking things up in the market and online with his amazing courses, books, and mastermind groups. On today’s episode, I’m digging deep into his unique profit master strategy which relies on estate sales, SEOs, and a little of what Jim calls “ninja psychology.” Jim is the creator and founder of the Real Estate Investor Academy, his own personal brand that seeks out like-minded entrepreneurs to work together and offer consultation and advice amid our ever-changing real estate environment. He is one investor who understands the importance of an education, and he is teaching everything he knows to anyone willing and interested in pursuing a career like ours. [youtube][/youtube] Pay close attention because Jim talks fast and he’s dropping fantastic nuggets of knowledge. He shares his inside experience building relationships and working with REO agents and talks about what you can do to build up your own productive sales relationships with everyone, from partners, to investors, to contracting teams. Learning how to follow up and manage your time are only a few of the tips Jim has for us today, so tune in now to catch a glimpse of Jim Huntzicker’s ninja psychology in action. [Tweet "How could I expect to do something right when I didn’t know what to do at all! - Jim"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:15 - Jim Huntzicker joins us from suburban Chicago! 3:40 - Jim breaks down his realty expertise (and how he met his wife) 5:12 - How Jim first got started using MLS 6:18 - Jim invested 10 grand into his mastery program 7:00 - The breaking point that led Jim to make this wise investment 7:50 - Jim’s first mentor influenced this decision 8:44 - How did Jim rectify his biggest mistake? 11:11 - How Jim’s mastery program improved his sales 12:30 - Jim’s go-to line is the most honest in the market 14:15 - What strategy is working the best for Jim in today’s market? 15:30 - How to develop productive sales relationships with REO agents 20:04 - We break down the numbers earned from these relationships 22:09 - Jim’s Estate Sale Strategy 28:30 - Jim’s “ninja psychology” involves hypotheticals, what-ifs, and ‘because’ 31:33 - One key piece of advice for running a successful real estate business 32:25 - Another piece of advice for wholesaling and the changing real estate scene 33:27 - I talk about my own experience wholesaling 35:06 - Why we both like the challenge of real estate sales 35:48 - Jim’s favorite motivational business quote comes from Wayne Gretzky 38:27 - How Jim wants to change your mindset (especially about lo-ball prices) 39:23 - The book that changed Jim’s life 39:37 - We discuss our favorite e-myth books 40:46 - Jim’s favorite apps for organization 42:21 - You might not want to hear about Jim’s early morning routine 44:36 - How education became the single greatest lesson Jim ever learned 47:08 - Use your money like a tool, don’t let the money use you 47:27 - Jim says you should have hired a mentor yesterday 48:34 - I make Jim answer why he does what he does 50:40 - Are you your own motivator? 54:20 - Get in touch with Jim online and take advantage of his annual free training course and e-book [Tweet "Your job working the MLS is making sure that the agent knows, and takes it back to the seller that you’re the offer they should pick. - Jim"] Links and Resources: Real Estate Investor Academy Tony Robbins’ book ‘Unlimited Power’ is where you can find Jim’s favorite quote: “Success is buried on the other side of frustration” Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber Trello app Morguelan Energy Institute - Dr. Barry Morguelan   Ask Cory A Question Want to get in touch with Cory and ask him your most burning Real Estate Investing question?  We’ve made it super easy for you.  Just head over to our Ask Cory A Question page and start...
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Normally we talk about profit master investment strategies on this podcast, but today I’m doing this a little bit differently. We’ve all been taught that LLCs are the way to go in this business, but my guest today is about to throw a wrench into that idea right now. According to Clint Coons, co-founder of the Anderson Law Group, LLCs could be causing you to miss out on the valuable capital you damn well deserve. He explains why by breaking down the complicated legal jargon of real estate and giving us some insider tips on how to find investors, secure our profit, and even lead our property managers. [youtube][/youtube] Clint may be a lawyer, but he understands what it’s like to work in real estate. He comes from a long line of lawyers, investors, and flippers. He has spent his life growing up deep in the scene of property flipping and managing. Combining legal expertise with real world experience is Clint’s forte, and the advice he has for us today is definitely going to change the way we look at our businesses. [Tweet "I’ve found that my high-value activity is doing what I like doing that generates income"] MINUTE MARKERS: 4:23 - Clint talks about growing up with real estate investment 5:18 - What Clint focused on when he started his first law firm 6:33 - What the stock market did to Clint in the early 2000s 8:17 - How Clint turned his passion for real estate investment into a first career 9:38 - What was Clint’s biggest mistake in real estate? 12:28 - Clint shares his “secret sauce” and what he’s doing for real estate investors right now 15:25 - Clint tells you why you want to set up a C Corporation for your business 16:21 - Clint and I break down the tax game in real estate investment 17:20 - Here’s how to look as attractive as possible to lenders from Clint’s point of view 19:20 - What strategies C Corporations open up for you as a real estate investor 21:04 - How Clint helps investors restructure their financial plan 23:07 - Clint’s biggest and best advice 25:11 - Why does Clint call real estate investment a game? 25:27 - Clint’s favorite business quote 25:44 - Clint’s perspective on the books and literature that inspire this business 26:36 - Why does Clint hire people to manage his mobile apps? 27:02 - High Value vs. Low Value activities and how you can gauge the worth of what you do 30:56 - Clint Coon’s morning routine starts at 4:30 in the morning 32:20 - The most powerful lesson Clint has learned 33:21 - What Clint has to say about wholesalers and solving their unique issues with a trust 37:00 - How family plays into Clint’s success 38:27 - Clint’s evolving perspective on when, where, and how to find a mentor 41:01 - What it means to architect your business, your goals, and your success 44:20 - Clint and I uncover the real definition of “retirement” 46:14 - Contact Clint today!   [Tweet "If there is an opportunity, I'll invest."] Links and Resources: Check out Clint’s book ‘Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors’ on sale now! Contact Clint Coons and Anderson Law today by going to Get Your Free Asset Protection Blueprint Here. Watch this short video from Clint that explains exactly what services he provides and how he can help you. Watch Video Here and fill out the form for a Free Consultation! ($250 Value) Make sure tell Clint you heard him on this podcast for a FREE consultation   Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory:        What is going on, what is going on? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host for Real Estate Investing Profit Masters podcast series. I hope you have a phenomenal productive day. Most of the CEO here for Real Estate Investing Profits where we bring on some incredible guests here on to the show with you so you can learn. We all need to learn, we always need to continue to learn. Today is something special. We have Atty. Clint Coons on with us today,
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