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Today’s guest is Tony Javier. He’s in San Diego crushing it with rehabs and rentals, turning over 60 properties a year. His unique profit making strategy involves a really great rent-to-own policy that’s paid off over the years, and his highly skilled team of employees is really what makes it all possible for him. He’s on today to talk about how important his team and his mentors have been to his success in real estate. [youtube][/youtube] Even though rehab is his number one focus, Tony talks a lot about the importance of people. He learned early on how hard it was trying to do everything himself, and it gets even harder if you don’t have a real hiring strategy in place. But even with the systems, you need to put good people in the positions they deserve. When you have the right people, you know you can trust their decisions, trust their deals, and really see your profits soar. How do you find these good people? Tony’s advice involves finding a mentor, someone who’s done it before and can give you advice on how to hire. In fact, Tony’s biggest piece of advice for everyone is to find a mentor ASAP! He’s been using coaches since the beginning – he even finds himself mentoring others half the time – and the lessons he’s learned from them have proven to be invaluable. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and a mentor or a coach will only help you on that path toward enlightenment. Without his mentors, Tony would never have built the team he has today or the unique rent-to-own profit strategy he’s perfected. [Tweet "Be brave and make it happen. - Tony"] MINUTE MARKERS 4:58 - Tony is doing a killer job with rehabs 6:25 - How is Tony working with brokerage? 7:07 - Who is Tony’s biggest influence? 8:15 - When did Tony start to see a scale possibility in real estate? 9:40 - Tony’s had a few breaking points with employees and tenants 11:46 - How to use your natural drive to push through problems 13:42 - Tony shares his two-tiered profit master investing strategy 14:51 - How does Tony find his rehab properties? 16:27 - What are the perks and profits of rent-to-own? 17:58 - Is there a difference between lease with options and rent-to-own? 20:20 - Tony’s secret sauce for screening possible tenants is his broker 22:20 - How does Tony use private lenders? 23:10 - Craigslist is Tony best marketing trick 24:35 - Tony breaks down mortgage payments and rent credits 28:08 - The biggest lesson Tony learned 30:10 - Getting a mentor is Tony’s advice for newcomers 33:30 - Tony’s favorite motivational quote 34:17 - He loves Audible and The One Thing is Tony’s favorite book 36:32 - is Tony’s app of choice 37:31 - Tony’s morning routine involves ignoring emails 41:07 - What’s Tony most grateful for? 42:15 - Tony has been using mentors since the beginning 43:40 - Tony is working on building something bigger than himself 46:20 - Get in touch with Tony on his site at [Tweet "You have to have good people in place and you have to have good systems. - Tony "] Links and Resources: Tony’s Real Estate Blueprint Than Merrill and Fortune Builders Carleton Sheets BOLD Seminar with Keller Williams The One Thing by Gary Keller app Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What’s up? What’s going on people? This is Cory Boatright; I am your host and founder to I want to welcome you again, we’re on Episode 39 of our Profit Master’s podcast series. We’re continuing to bring better and incredible guests to you so they can reveal their profit master strategies that they’re killing it in their marketplace. You can copy those things and add them into your own business. Before we get going here with today’s interview, which is incredible, I want to remind you to text the word profit to 38470. All you have to do is get your phone,
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My guest today is rocking it all the way up in Long Island, New York. Billy Alvaro’s blitzkrieg process is really changing the real estate game, and the pointers he’s sharing on today’s show may even change up the way you’re doing business. [youtube][/youtube] Billy got started working with mortgages in the early 2000s, and he had almost 1000 employees working with him. But when the housing bubble popped, he lost a lot of his profits and even more of his confidence. How do you bounce back from something like that? Well, with his strong foundation in real estate investment (something he’s been honing since he attended his first seminar at 16!) and a super-supportive spouse, Billy bounced back tenfold. His new strategy with wholesaling and flipping vacant houses brought his groove back, but it was his personal transformation that really helped him succeed. [Tweet "You’re going to trip, you’re going to fall, get yourself up quick and start now. - Billy"] The most important thing you can remember in this business is never to give in to your fear. What are you so afraid of? That’s the question that got Billy motivated to try again, and it’s definitely what’s kept him at the top for so long now. When you’re afraid, you only hold yourself back from your true potential and your true success. The fear is only temporary, and once you face it head on, you’re going to be a stronger person. Billy shares this experience and offers up his best piece of advice for overcoming that fear of the unknown: hiring a mentor or a coach! Finding this person who’s done it all before, who has that tried and true method, is going to hook you up with the skills you need and will really motivate you and inspire you to stick to your guns and pursue the path you know is right. MINUTE MARKERS 4:00 - Billy is coming in from Long Island, New York 6:00 - Billy breaks down his real estate expertise in wholesale, rehab, and rental 8:32 - Who was Billy’s biggest influence? 10:10 - Billy’s breaking point happened when he lost the mortgage bank 14:15 - Hear how his real estate investment strategy is crushing it in New York 16:00 - Billy shares his Vacant House program strategy 19:10 - How does Billy use skip tracing to get in touch with buyers? 20:43 - What does Billy think about probate deals? 21:06 - The single greatest lesson Billy learned 22:17 - Start with wholesale is the best advice for newcomers 24:21 - Billy’s favorite motivational quote 25:08 - Billy recommends As a Man Thinketh by James Allen 26:40 - Fix Your Funnel is Billy’s favorite app 28:20 - Billy breaks down his healthy and regimented morning routine 30:15 - Try and keep up with Billy. He changes his life up every six months or so! 32:23 - What is Billy most grateful for? 34:48 - Hear how important coaching is for Billy’s success 38:10 - This is why Billy is one of my favorite leaders in the game right now 39:30 - Get with Billy on Facebook [Tweet "The real estate investing side, the body side, the mind side, everything is about coaching. - Billy"] Links and Resources: No Money Down How To Flip Contracts Not Houses taught by Cory Boatright As a Man Thinketh by James Allen Fix Your Funnel Infusionsoft Billy on LinkedIn Max Returns Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on? This is Cory Boatright. I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profits Profit Master podcast series and also your founder of Have you went and got your Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quickstart Guide, the Down and Dirty Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quickstart Guide? Have you? Have you? If not, text the word profit to 38470. Text the word profit to 38470 and get it right now. Be instantly, automagically sent to your cell phone. Today, we’re on episode 37 today. I have a very good friend of mine. This guy is a rock star real estate investor out of New York....
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I know there’s a lot of real estate investors out there who are a little afraid to explore the realm of private lenders. That’s why I’ve brought Heather Dreves on the show today. She works with a private lender - Secured Investment Corp – and she’s spent decades working the ins and outs of the lending business. She’s seen real estate investors succeed and fail, and she herself has a few learning experiences to share, and all of it inspired her to pursue real estate investment! So if a private lender can venture into our area of expertise, all of us real estate investors can benefit from her knowledge as well. [youtube][/youtube] Heather enjoys lending money to self-employed entrepreneurs and their families. Watching people succeed in their business motivates her, and that’s why she and her lending team focus on transparency, mentorship, and making sure their people make their money back. She learned early on that focusing on the bottom line was not enough to sustain a business, and after foreclosures and property taxes caught up with many of her clients, she decided to change her approach. Now, seminars, classes, and success and accountability programs are all ways Heather and Secured Investment Corp are insuring that their clients earn all their money back (and then some). 

Can you handle 1,000 calls in one day? Peter Vekselman can! He’s my guest today, and he’s talking about the new real estate investment strategy he’s been pioneering. He is literally transforming the real estate scene in Atlanta and across the country with this business model. [youtube][/youtube] Peter calls his strategy a “consultative approach” and it is groundbreaking. His consultative approach involves combining a real estate brokerage with a real estate investment firm, and it’s so successful because it keeps everything internal. There’s no more stress about when or how or where things are going to get done, because you already know where your team is going and what they’re doing. Once you create an internal system to you can rely on, you easily know what’s going on and when it’s happening. It’s also much easier to copy and apply to business models across the country, which is exactly what he’s doing. [Tweet "One way or another, you’re going to pay a price in this business. - Peter"] Building this trust and establishing his strong reputation are all an integral part of Peter’s team and business He and his team are right out there in the field, getting face-to-face with potential sellers, and pinpointing their exact motives. This face-to-face model is key to Peter’s success. By implementing this strategy into his business model, Peter is tripling his profits and exploding his team. He’s even starting to franchise out across other states! So tune in now so you can catch a ride on this amazing guy’s brilliant strategy. MINUTE MARKERS 4:31 - Peter’s biggest strength in real estate is developing his first-class sales models 5:45 - How man wholesale deals does Peter knock out per day? 7:03 - Pete’s biggest mistake turns out to be his biggest influence 8:28 - Avoid mistakes by keeping your real estate business internal 12:06 - Pete breaks down the winning tweaks he made to his investment strategy 14:14 - How to take Pete’s “consultive approach” 15:26 - A Quick Cory Breakdown of Pete’s strategy 16:06 - How did Peter combine real estate brokerage with an investment company? 19:12 - Peter’s real estate model makes his agents over $3 grand in a week 20:02 - How exactly does he do that? (his answer will blow your mind!) 22:16 - Peter breaks down the training his people go through 26:30 - Seeing your clients face-to-face makes a HUGE difference 29:05 - How does Peter set up his quasi-franchise business model? 30:55 - Pete’s advice for success involves having the right people 31:22 - What happened when Peter picked the wrong people? 32:13 - Peter’s motivational quote comes from Million Dollar Listing 32:41 - Peter’s favorite book? 34:25 - Peter is a weirdo who doesn’t use any mobile apps 35:20 - And his morning routine starts at 4:30am 36:32 - Peter advises us all to listen to our dads more 37:30 - What is Peter most grateful for? 38:28 - Why you need to hire a mentor on day 1 40:19 - Peter summarizes his career for all the newcomers to this business 42:05 - How can you serve Peter right now? 44:43 - Shoot Pete a text: 404-915-9685 with the word “trifecta” to start talking [Tweet "We’ve combined a traditional real estate brokerage with a traditional real estate investment company. - Peter"]   Links and Resources: Collective Genius Mastermind Podio Pipe Drive Lob Million Dollar Listing Gary Vaynerchuk Traction, Gino Wickman The E-Myth Revisted, Michael  Gerber Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Welcome back, welcome back. This is Cory Boatright, I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters Podcast series and also CEO of I hope you're having a productive and fun day today. I am bringing you someone that is going to really make you question how you're running your business if you're a real estate agent specifically if you have a brokerage,...

Today’s guest is HUGE! Ken Corsini is getting his own show on HGTV called Flipping the South. It airs next Thursday, May 12th, at 11pm Eastern Time, so set your DVR right now before you forget. Because after this interview you’re definitely going to want to see this guy in action. [youtube][/youtube] Ken is on the podcast today to talk about the real estate scene in Atlanta and how he managed to score a spot on HGTV. He’s been in the game for over a decade now, and he’s learned a thing or two about flipping houses. His unique perspective on flipping turnkey properties isn’t your typical fix-and-flip situation. Ken and his wife work together to find one-of-a-kind, off-market properties, including old farm houses, that they then transform into move-in ready homes for eager homeowners. He did 100 flips in 2015 alone! So if you want to get in on his profit making strategy, listen to Ken break down a few life lessons. [Tweet "If there’s one word investors need to incorporate into the repertoire, it’s adaptation. - Ken"] The biggest lesson Ken and I talk about today is adaption. We all know that keeping up in this market is sometimes impossible. You have to learn how to stay on your toes if you want to keep up with all the new technology, housing options, and real estate law. Ken talks about how to read the right signs and follow the right trends so you can start incorporating a little modernity into your business plan. He’s like a breath of fresh air! Ken knows that the best way to be successful in real estate is to keep learning as you go, and luckily for all of us, this career is a series of lessons. Because when you learn to adapt now, you’ll still be able to keep up with the market in 12, 24, even 36 months from now. Ken is such a smart guy. We know each other from our Collective Genius mastermind group, and I am so excited to have him on today. His lessons in real estate, new construction, and in life are really going to get you motivated. Ken is the kind of guy that knows that this life is temporary, and he’s on right now to remind us why we’re really in this business! MINUTE MARKERS 5:25 - Ken takes us back to 2005 when he started in real estate 6:00 - How Ken escaped the corporate structure to do his own thing 7:00 - What is the turnkey market like in Hotlanta right now? 7:47 - Who is Ken’s biggest investor influence? 9:00 - What was the breaking point for Ken’s career? 9:48-  Ken shares how he made HGTV happen 10:48 - What’s it like to film with HGTV? 12:14 - We break down the metrics of having your own television show 13:30 - Ken and his wife are flipping old farm houses on Flipping the South 14:27 - Ken shares his own Profit Master Investing Strategy with new construction 15:40 - Ken works with some really unique properties 16:22 - The biggest lesson Ken learned that’s kept him successful – Adaption! 17:56 - Best advice for newcomers straight from Ken 20:11 - Ken’s favorite motivational quote is a classic 20:35 - The One Thing by Gary Keller is Ken’s favorite book 22:21 - Ken breaks down his winning (and strict) morning routine 23:26 - We bond over how cancer changes your perspective on life 26:20 - Ken is most grateful for the encouragement he gets from his wife 27:15 - Ken has never used a business coach or mentor! 28:45 - What gets Ken out of bed in the morning? 32:00 - Support Ken and tune in to HGTV on May 12th 11pmEST (set your DVR!) 32:22 -  And tune in to Ken’s podcast Deal Farm [Tweet "What’s working well for us is carving out this niche and building some really good margins. - Ken"] Links and Resources: Collective Genius Mastermind Carelton Sheets The One Thing by Gary Keller Deal Farm Podcast with Ken Corsini                                    Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What’s up people? This is Cory Boatright.
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Today’s guest is Engelo Rumora, who’s killing it on the scene with his amazing real estate investment strategy. He went from working on construction sites to owning and flipping his own properties on an international scale. Engelo may be Australian, but he’s working in Ohio right now flipping and selling his properties to international investors looking for rental properties here in the US. What’s his secret? Selling properties at market value. Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s why I brought him on today. Engelo breaks down his own cash-flow strategy so you can apply it to your own real estate investments. [youtube][/youtube] The magic of his full-service cash flow model is a combination of an in-house property management team, his own amazing clientele, and his totally ingenious and completely fearless approach to real estate investment. He isn’t afraid to take the risks, and he’s definitely not afraid to fully enjoy his experiences in this business. Engelo owes so much to his mentors because they gave him the foundation to become the “lifestyle-preneur” he is today. His advice is to surround yourself with the successful people you want to be like and learn from their model. You can apply their strategies to whatever your real estate niche is and finally reach your end goal. [Tweet "Success comes from doing things differently. - Engelo"] MINUTE MARKERS 5:12 - Meet The Dingo – Engelo Rumora! 5:56 - Engelo discusses his expertise on the Ohio real estate scene 7:45-  How did Engelo get involved in international real estate? 9:28-  The two key things that make Engelo’s cash flow model stand out 10:09 - Why does Engelo sell his properties at market value? 12:11 - Mentors helped Engelo break out of his construction job 13:35 - Engelo’s worst moment happened just 3 years ago 15:24 - A desperate state of mind is Engelo’s secret to success 17:36 - What it’s like when people believe in you and how that transforms your business 22:30 - Engelo’s business philosophy is “people want what they can’t have” 24:52 - How Engelo utilizes word-of-mouth marketing and scales 26:44 - Engelo drinks scotch and only scotch 27:03 - What’s Engelo’s best piece of advice? Ignore the noise. 28:02 - Why patience is so important in the real estate game 29:40 - Engelo’s favorite motivational quote 30:02 - How often does your perspective change? 31:29 - It’s time to become a lifestyle-preneur. You only live once! 33:03 - Gino Wickman is Engelo’s favorite author 34:50 - Engelo’s average morning routine 36:33 - Hipchat is the mobile app of choice for lifestyle-preneurs 37:27 - The greatest lesson Engelo ever learned 37:44 - How can this dingo be grateful for everything? 38:50 - Remember - your worst day is somebody else’s paradise 39:18 - Engelo’s advice on finding the right mentor 41:25 - The dingo defines the two concepts that will create real estate success for you 44:14 - Legacy is what gets Engelo out of bed in the morning 45:50 - What gets the man Cory Boatright out of bed? 47:16 - Stop being afraid of your first deal! 48:50 - Step into your fear and see just how much you can really accomplish 51:15 - Take more risks and contact Engelo Rumora on Facebook @ The Real Estate Dingo [Tweet "You have to give others what they want before you can get what you want. - Engelo"] Links and Resources: Traction, Gino Wickman Rocket Fuel, Gino Wickman E-Myth, Michael Gerber Hipchat Gary Vaynerchuk Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Are you ready for this interview? This is going to be one that you may not be able to stop laughing from. Engelo Rumora, cash flow dingo. Got the Russian— that was not the Russian accent, what was I doing there? But, you got the Russian accent eh mate (laugh), that’s all better I think I’m butchering it. Anyway, Engelo is quite the character, and this guy has got a story that just won’t quit.
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Mark Ferguson is the REO agent extraordinaire with blue Diablo Lamborghini. We need more people with that kind of refreshing perspective! So I invited him on the show today to share what tweak to his strategy sent him over the top. His Broker Price Opinion (BPO for short) strategy paid off HUGE and all it took was a change in attitude and a little risk.  [youtube][/youtube] Using a BPO and working with the bank to find and sell listings are all a part of the strategy secrets Mark’s talking about today. He started with cold calls to the bank - something some of us are a little wary of - and followed through with hard work. Who knew working in realty was that easy? With a few phone calls and a lot of hustle, Mark has been able to grow from selling 15-20 houses per year to over 200 houses! His ability to balance the work of an REO agent and an investor also pays off in full. His REO listings generate more buyers and help him build his team, while his investment properties continue to earn him profits. [Tweet "The biggest thing [my mistakes] cost me was opportunity because I wasn’t looking for more deals. - Mark"] The best part of this podcast is Mark’s amazing advice. Mark says that the only way to stay focused is to zero in on only a few things in the beginning. Take the time to narrow your focus, build your team, and establish a strong foundation at first. Whether your business is in flipping homes, rental properties, or a quirky BPO listing strategy, the best way to succeed is to focus on the solid base of this business. Remember - Staying focused will make you rich! MINUTE MARKERS 2:50 - Meet Mark, REO agent extraordinaire! 3:03 -; check out his podcast Invest For More 3:30 - What areas of realty expertise is Mark zoning in on these days? 4:20 - The realty scene in Colorado is at $250K average 5:15 - Mark’s father got him involved in real estate investing 7:01 - Gary Keller book influenced 8:14 - We break down our individual reading strategies 10:17 - Mark Ferguson’s worst mistake was trying to do all the work himself 12:40 - How Mark developed his REO Investment Strategy 13:57 - Mark’s change in attitude helped him sell more houses 15:01 - How to work with the banks and the REO system all the way to commission 17:30 - How blurry is the line between agent and investor when working with REO? 18:22 - Making real money from Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) 20:37 - Mark Ferguson’s biggest piece of advice 21:41 - Find your niche in this business ASAP 22:32 - “Conquer the resistance” is Mark’s favorite business quote 24:04 - Mark isn’t super techy but dropbox is his favorite app 24:42 - Is Mark on Snapchat yet? 25:12 - YouTube Connect is going to be the new Periscope 26:10 - What is “Third Circle Theory”? 27:00 - Mark has a night routine with his office in the basement 28:30 - The biggest lesson Mark Ferguson learned in this business 29:33 - Family support is crucial to Mark’s success 30:43 - What happened when Mark hired his first mentor? 33:06 - We both think of coaching as an asset and not a liability 34:55 - Check out Mark and his ’99 Diablo Lamborghini 35:45 - Get with Mark on his blog for some free coaching 36:55 - and Mark’s shop 39:30 - Time isn’t recyclable – call me at [Tweet "Once I put myself out there and started taking risks, things took off - Mark"] Links and Resources: Gary Keller The One Thing Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation The War of Art NRBA Conference Dropbox app Facebook Live Google Hangouts Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, party people? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host and founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and your host here on Profit Master Podcast Series. I'm excited about Mark Ferguson. He’s coming on here just a little bit and he’s a real estate agent...
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Kirby Atwell from iCandy Homes is on the podcast today! This guy got his feet wet in realty with a rental property in Hawaii when he was still in the military, and now he’s winning clients with bandit signs. Who’d have thought you could turn over million-dollar properties with old-school marketing like that? He’s sharing that strategy and few of his other profit-making secrets today, and you’re definitely going to learn how you can apply modern marketing to the tried-and-true methods of our business. [youtube][/youtube] Something as easy as SEO keywords can transform your signs into the pull you need. Kirby shares how one simple word like “fast” on a bandit sign totally skyrocketed his client list. He surveyed his clients and asked them directly why the sign was effective and it completely revamped his approach to marketing. Kirby’s ability to work with the psychology of this business is what really helps him nail these big sales. He’s all about talking, negotiating, and vetting. That’s right, vetting. Kirby will vet for anyone, including partners, clients, and contractors. He breaks down his vetting strategy for contractors as: Start a bidding process between 6-8 contractors Show each contractor the property at the same time - let them know they’re competing! Choose your top 3 or 4 bids Check out the top contractors’ previous and/or current projects to get a feel for how they work [Tweet "Learn how to negotiate with the seller, that’s where you're going to get grand slam deals. - Kirby"] This is just one of the many strategy nuggets Kirby is dropping on today’s episode. He truly understands what motivates this business, so catch up with him and a few of his biggest influences by tuning in now. MINUTE MARKERS 3:03 - Meet Kirby Atwell! 3:42 - Kirby’s expertise in fix-and-flip AND brokerage 4:40 - Why and how Kirby’s fix-and-flip partnership works 5:15 - What it’s like to work with $1Million+ properties 6:57 - Rich Dad Poor Dad radically changed Kirby’s perspective 8:39 - The biggest influence in Kirby’s career is his mom (no joke!) 10:00 - What big lesson did Kirby learn from contractors? 11:45 - The processes and systems Kirby applied after his contracting experiences 12:47 - Kirby’s inside tips for finding the best contractor 14:17 - Kirby’s Secret Sauce (or, his personal profit-making strategy) 14:50 - How old school bandit signs work for Kirby’s team 16:20 - You’ll never guess Kirby’s marketing strategy 18:00 - Insider Strategy: How to save your phone number as a website 19:40 - How Kirby designs his marketing survey 21:40 - Kirby’s best piece of business advice 24:55 - How to use the hard stuff – like negotiation and sales – to build your business 26:35 - Kirby breaks down his psychology of the sale with Sean Terry’s podcast 27:30 - Kirby’s favorite motivational quotes 29:50 - How to take a smart risk 31:00 - Kirby’s favorite apps and how they keep him organized 32:35 - Kirby’s winning morning routine 33:00 - What’s in Kirby’s green shake? 34:13 - Kirby’s most important life lesson 37:12 - What is Kirby most grateful for? 38:06 - Why you need a mentor from Day 1 (and how to vet them) 38:58 - How starting a family changes Kirby’s business perspective 41:00 - Get in touch with Kirby (and ask about joint ventures!) [Tweet "You really got to invest in yourself and invest in your knowledge. - Kirby"] Links and Resources: Check out Kirby’s website. And if you’re in the Midwest, get with Kirby for some winning joint venture opportunities: And if you haven’t read it yet, you need to catch up with the rest of us:  Rich Dad Poor Dad Podio & Strikingly for website design Sean Terry’s Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast Brian Tracy’s Success Channel Microsoft’s OneNote app Audible Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription
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Today’s guest - Josh Schoenly, The Client Alchemist – has one of the smartest real estate investment strategies I’ve seen. He knows that working smart is a supplement for the hard work you’re already putting in, and the processes he talks about today are going to totally transform your digital marketing strategy. I ask him the hard questions you wanted to know in order to get your social media working for you. Finding invisible audiences, reconnecting with old clients, and starting the conversation with new ones are all part of Josh’s strategy. [youtube][/youtube] Josh is the co-founder of Client Alchemist, and he helps investors connect with clients all across the globe. His four step process, which he calls “The Hierarchy of Connecting”, will break you out of that sales-person mentality: Identify Attract Connect Converse And that fourth step is the most important. Starting that conversation instead of focusing on the conversion is the key to Josh’s success. Serving people - embodying that mentor persona - is exactly how you will stay productive and profitable in this business, and we get into the ways you can do that in today’s episode. [Tweet "Every case where I’ve had success, I can tie it back to my ability to take action. - Josh"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:13 - Josh Schoenly is doing big things in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 4:10 - How did Josh get involved with real estate? 7:34 - Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad changed Josh’s life (as it does for most of us!) 8:36 - Josh breaks down the “enough is enough!” moment in his career 10:50 - Who influenced Josh the most? 12:05 - The hard lessons Josh learned from those money pit properties 13:28 - We discuss why perfection is the enemy of productivity 14:20 - Josh shares his #1 Investing Strategy (although it’s a little old school) 15:37 - How to strategize your efforts online with Facebook 19:02 - Josh’s 4 Step Strategy: The Hierarchy of Connecting 21:08 - Creating content online to identify and attract your “invisible audiences” online 22:55 - Taking advantage of local advertisement 24:30 - How Josh connects with his audience and builds a fan base 25:25 - Connecting and conversing work together in Josh’s strategy 26:00 - Breaking out of the sales-person mentality: more listening, more conversations 28:12 - Josh shares number advice for running a successful business 29:23 - Josh had a breakthrough when he put his business blinders on 31:04 - Josh’s favorite motivational business quote 31:48 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind changed Josh’s life 32:33 - Josh and Cory debate over the better Podcast apps 36:03 - Josh’s 4 kids mess with his morning routine 38:34 - What is Josh grateful for now? 41:11 - How coaches and mentors transform your perspective 44:11 - Truth and accountability will take you far in this business 47:13 - Josh’s biggest motivator might surprise you [Tweet "People hate to be sold, but they love to be served. - Josh"] Links and Resources: Connect with Josh on LinkedIn and The Client Alchemist for his blog, products, and Podcast: The Client Alchemist Show Check out the library of Russ Whitney, one of Josh’s favorite authors My Speed desktop app Cast app And for health and wellness: Juicify app and Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, how are you doing? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters podcast series here, CEO of Real Estate Investing Profits. I hope you're having a productive, phenomenal, fun day today.I'm bringing you another guest, his name is John Schoenly. He’s actually somebody that focuses heavily on vigil marketing for real estate investing agents and real estate investors alike. He knows his stuff as you're going to see. We went through a four step process that he goes through and identifies how best to get these prospects knocking on your door dig...
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I’m changing up this episode of Real Estate Investment Masters because my guest today isn’t focused on investing. Frank Curtin is focused on investors. I have known Frank Curtin for 6 years now, and he’s part of my mastermind group, so I’ve seen firsthand how he’s helped investors just like us get organized, get focused, and start succeeding the way they’re supposed to in this business. He breaks down the 8 core things you must know to have a thriving business and shares his experiences and anecdotes so you can see how his processes work in real life with real business models. [youtube][/youtube] Real estate investment requires focus, time, and the ability to implement the systems, software, and processes that work best for you and your team. Frank discusses how to break down your unique abilities so you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t.  In fact, if you tune in right now, Frank and I are going to tell you exactly how you can start transforming your job and your small business into your full-time and fulfilling career. [Tweet "If you happen to like and love what you do, that’s your unique ability. - Frank"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:45 - Frank focuses on real estate investors and helps them grow their businesses 4:42 - What is Frank’s expertise with investors like us? 7:07 - How Frank went from working for IBM to working for himself 8:38 - Frank’s prism metaphor will help you focus on what’s important 10:24 - What “unique ability” means for your business and your investments 12:05 - Using your solo org chart to help you hire the right people for the right job 14:42 - The grueling process of acquisition and how implementing procedures can help break down your systems into manageable units 16:20 - Understanding Frank’s Level 10 process and the bigger part of building a business (FYI Frank runs his Level 10 every week) 19:20 - How Frank defines his to-do list 21:57 - The 8 core questions you should be asking yourself about your business 28:20 - Frank’s experience makes him one of the most trustworthy mentors out there today 29:56 - How these processes put 100% of your team on the same page 30:28 - Frank’s favorite business quote 32:06 - The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni changed Frank’s life 33:27 - Frank’s a techie, so check out his top 3 favorite mobile apps 34:45 - Frank’s morning routine starts at 7am every morning no matter what 36:17 - What loss taught Frank to be most grateful for 38:24 - Where fulfillment in life comes from (and it’s not personal genius) 42:05 - Why does Frank get so charged about what he does for a living? 44:33 - Get in touch with Frank at for some free resources 45:00 - The biggest thing Frank wants to do right now is help those who many not have the opportunity to grow their businesses the way they want 47:30 - What hiring a coach and mentor can do for you and your business [Tweet "When I learned to serve and lead with service, I experienced joys I can’t begin to describe. - Frank"] Links and Resources: Build your business around Traction by Gino Wickman and check out his other book Rocket Fuel, co-written with Mark Winters Use Glip to communicate with the team Use Smart Sheet for managing projects Frank created Doc and Do for process management Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is Cory Boatright, your founder of Real Estate Investing Profits, host of Real Estate Profit Master podcast series. What is going on? Hope you're having a phenomenal, productive, fun day, don’t leave out the fun. Everything else doesn’t really matter sometimes if you leave out the fun.We’re going to bring you another incredible guest, his name is Frank Curtin. I’ve known Frank for a little while, probably about 6 years. He’s also in the Collective Genius Mastermind which many of our guests we bring on here are a part of becau...
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You won’t always see Jim Huntzicker on stage at seminars, but he’s shaking things up in the market and online with his amazing courses, books, and mastermind groups. On today’s episode, I’m digging deep into his unique profit master strategy which relies on estate sales, SEOs, and a little of what Jim calls “ninja psychology.” Jim is the creator and founder of the Real Estate Investor Academy, his own personal brand that seeks out like-minded entrepreneurs to work together and offer consultation and advice amid our ever-changing real estate environment. He is one investor who understands the importance of an education, and he is teaching everything he knows to anyone willing and interested in pursuing a career like ours. [youtube][/youtube] Pay close attention because Jim talks fast and he’s dropping fantastic nuggets of knowledge. He shares his inside experience building relationships and working with REO agents and talks about what you can do to build up your own productive sales relationships with everyone, from partners, to investors, to contracting teams. Learning how to follow up and manage your time are only a few of the tips Jim has for us today, so tune in now to catch a glimpse of Jim Huntzicker’s ninja psychology in action. [Tweet "How could I expect to do something right when I didn’t know what to do at all! - Jim"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:15 - Jim Huntzicker joins us from suburban Chicago! 3:40 - Jim breaks down his realty expertise (and how he met his wife) 5:12 - How Jim first got started using MLS 6:18 - Jim invested 10 grand into his mastery program 7:00 - The breaking point that led Jim to make this wise investment 7:50 - Jim’s first mentor influenced this decision 8:44 - How did Jim rectify his biggest mistake? 11:11 - How Jim’s mastery program improved his sales 12:30 - Jim’s go-to line is the most honest in the market 14:15 - What strategy is working the best for Jim in today’s market? 15:30 - How to develop productive sales relationships with REO agents 20:04 - We break down the numbers earned from these relationships 22:09 - Jim’s Estate Sale Strategy 28:30 - Jim’s “ninja psychology” involves hypotheticals, what-ifs, and ‘because’ 31:33 - One key piece of advice for running a successful real estate business 32:25 - Another piece of advice for wholesaling and the changing real estate scene 33:27 - I talk about my own experience wholesaling 35:06 - Why we both like the challenge of real estate sales 35:48 - Jim’s favorite motivational business quote comes from Wayne Gretzky 38:27 - How Jim wants to change your mindset (especially about lo-ball prices) 39:23 - The book that changed Jim’s life 39:37 - We discuss our favorite e-myth books 40:46 - Jim’s favorite apps for organization 42:21 - You might not want to hear about Jim’s early morning routine 44:36 - How education became the single greatest lesson Jim ever learned 47:08 - Use your money like a tool, don’t let the money use you 47:27 - Jim says you should have hired a mentor yesterday 48:34 - I make Jim answer why he does what he does 50:40 - Are you your own motivator? 54:20 - Get in touch with Jim online and take advantage of his annual free training course and e-book [Tweet "Your job working the MLS is making sure that the agent knows, and takes it back to the seller that you’re the offer they should pick. - Jim"] Links and Resources: Real Estate Investor Academy Tony Robbins’ book ‘Unlimited Power’ is where you can find Jim’s favorite quote: “Success is buried on the other side of frustration” Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber Trello app Morguelan Energy Institute - Dr. Barry Morguelan   Ask Cory A Question Want to get in touch with Cory and ask him your most burning Real Estate Investing question?  We’ve made it super easy for you.  Just head over to our Ask Cory A Question page and start...
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Normally we talk about profit master investment strategies on this podcast, but today I’m doing this a little bit differently. We’ve all been taught that LLCs are the way to go in this business, but my guest today is about to throw a wrench into that idea right now. According to Clint Coons, co-founder of the Anderson Law Group, LLCs could be causing you to miss out on the valuable capital you damn well deserve. He explains why by breaking down the complicated legal jargon of real estate and giving us some insider tips on how to find investors, secure our profit, and even lead our property managers. [youtube][/youtube] Clint may be a lawyer, but he understands what it’s like to work in real estate. He comes from a long line of lawyers, investors, and flippers. He has spent his life growing up deep in the scene of property flipping and managing. Combining legal expertise with real world experience is Clint’s forte, and the advice he has for us today is definitely going to change the way we look at our businesses. [Tweet "I’ve found that my high-value activity is doing what I like doing that generates income"] MINUTE MARKERS: 4:23 - Clint talks about growing up with real estate investment 5:18 - What Clint focused on when he started his first law firm 6:33 - What the stock market did to Clint in the early 2000s 8:17 - How Clint turned his passion for real estate investment into a first career 9:38 - What was Clint’s biggest mistake in real estate? 12:28 - Clint shares his “secret sauce” and what he’s doing for real estate investors right now 15:25 - Clint tells you why you want to set up a C Corporation for your business 16:21 - Clint and I break down the tax game in real estate investment 17:20 - Here’s how to look as attractive as possible to lenders from Clint’s point of view 19:20 - What strategies C Corporations open up for you as a real estate investor 21:04 - How Clint helps investors restructure their financial plan 23:07 - Clint’s biggest and best advice 25:11 - Why does Clint call real estate investment a game? 25:27 - Clint’s favorite business quote 25:44 - Clint’s perspective on the books and literature that inspire this business 26:36 - Why does Clint hire people to manage his mobile apps? 27:02 - High Value vs. Low Value activities and how you can gauge the worth of what you do 30:56 - Clint Coon’s morning routine starts at 4:30 in the morning 32:20 - The most powerful lesson Clint has learned 33:21 - What Clint has to say about wholesalers and solving their unique issues with a trust 37:00 - How family plays into Clint’s success 38:27 - Clint’s evolving perspective on when, where, and how to find a mentor 41:01 - What it means to architect your business, your goals, and your success 44:20 - Clint and I uncover the real definition of “retirement” 46:14 - Contact Clint today!   [Tweet "If there is an opportunity, I'll invest."] Links and Resources: Check out Clint’s book ‘Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors’ on sale now! Contact Clint Coons and Anderson Law today by going to Get Your Free Asset Protection Blueprint Here. Watch this short video from Clint that explains exactly what services he provides and how he can help you. Watch Video Here and fill out the form for a Free Consultation! ($250 Value) Make sure tell Clint you heard him on this podcast for a FREE consultation   Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory:        What is going on, what is going on? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host for Real Estate Investing Profit Masters podcast series. I hope you have a phenomenal productive day. Most of the CEO here for Real Estate Investing Profits where we bring on some incredible guests here on to the show with you so you can learn. We all need to learn, we always need to continue to learn. Today is something special. We have Atty. Clint Coons on with us today,
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My guest today is about to drop some juicy nuggets of knowledge, and a little bit of motivation. Andy McFarland comes from my Collective Genius mastermind group, and this guy is dominating real estate investment. Although he’s based out of Utah, he’s crushing it in the markets of three different states. That’s right, three! How can one person balance all of that and still take time to be with their family and nurture their own personal growth? [youtube][/youtube] Andy breaks down his inspiration and his motivation in today’s episode, and he shares a few pointers that can help you balance your business with your life. What we both focus on is our personal growth, and when you channel that kind of energy into your real estate investment strategies, you will really start to notice success grow across all parts of your life. From marketing, to investment, to family and friends, Andy’s got a handle on it all. [Tweet "Slow and steady, don’t take money from this thinking that real estate’s always going to go up "] MINUTE MARKERS: 3:30 - Andy breaks down his area of expertise in real estate investment 4:04 - How Andy got involved in real estate 4:45 - You’d never guess where Andy got his entrepreneurial start 6:00 - Andy’s “enough is enough” moment 8:02 - What inspired Andy to pursue real estate professionally? 9:49 - The biggest mistake Andy made in real estate (and what you can learn from it) 11:45 - Andy’s best investment strategies (and it’s something you’ve never heard before!) 12:30 - How to nail Single Task Marketing 13:28 - What marketing niche works best across different states? 14:40 - How Andy sets up his business across three different states 18:14 - Recruiting the best team to build your business 19:25 - Andy’s advice for running a successful real estate business 20:55 - What would Andy tell his 22 year old self? 22:16 - The top 2 motivational quotes that drive Andy toward success 23:47 - Andy reads A LOT and gives his book recommendations 26:25 - Why The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People is so important to this business 29:22 - Andy’s top 3 favorite apps 30:47 - Setting a price for business based on your terms (with book AND app recommendations) 32:19 - Andy’s morning routine 34:19 - Life lessons from Andy’s experience with family and business 36:19 - What is Andy most grateful for? 36:53 - Don’t hire a coach until you want to be successful 38:43 - Andy breaks down what drives him to pursue this business 40:03 - Andy and his brother have a pet project: [Tweet "I kind of view my real estate business as more of like the Henry Ford assembly line process "] Links and Resources: Get in touch with Andy over at his website. He loves feedback, questions, and comments, and don’t forget to follow the channel on YouTube. Rich Dad Poor Dad both changed our perspectives on business. Dropbox app Voxer app 10bii financial calculator app at iTunes and Google Play And before you use that calculator, Andy recommends checking out the book Invest in Debt to help you calculate your finances correctly and efficiently. Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, people? This is Cory Boatright. I'm the founder of and your host here on Profit Master Podcast Series. We have an incredible real estate investor, name is Andy McFarland. He’s down in Utah and he is just dominating and crunching it right now. What’s he doing? He’s going into different markets, different states, and being successful at flipping properties, and actually dominating those particular areas. You're going to want to pay attention on how he’s doing that. Also, I think that was pretty interesting on how he does his memorization technique in the morning, make sure you pay attention to that as well. It’s a very jam-packed interview that you're going to absolutely get a to...
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Get your tablet ready – or pen and paper if you’re old school – because you’re going to want to take some notes from this interview. If you’ve never heard of Colm McCormack, he’s quickly going to become one of your favorite real estate masterminds after this episode. I take a crack at his business model and he breaks down the metrics of his investment team to show you exactly how many appointments it takes to book a contract. [youtube][/youtube] Colm comes out of Colorado Springs, and he’s part of my mastermind group, The Collective Genius. He used to be a pastor, and he’s taken a shot at a lot of different business ventures before he decided to settle down with real estate investment. It works out really well for us that he chose real estate because his due diligence and his insight into new strategies is going to give you a lot to think about when it comes to designing your business goals for 2016. He’s already sold 6 houses this January! So if you want your year to start looking like his, tune in to hear Colm explain some of his numbers (both good and bad) so you can learn what it takes to succeed in 2016’s competitive real estate market. [Tweet "If it’s a fast deal and you don’t know what you’re doing, slow down."] TOPICS: 3:52 –  Colm breaks down his real estate expertise 6:55 –  The “breaking point” that tipped Colm into real estate 8:00 –  How much did Colm make on his first close? 8:26 –  Colm’s biggest influence in the business 10:20 – The mistake that cost Colm $60K 12:48 – Keeping greed out of your business plan 15:22 – Colm’s Profit Master strategies and what’s working the best 18:15 – How did Colm get 8 contracts out of 10 appointments? 19:20 – Colm closed all 8 of those contracts too! 19:33 – How to get a quality list the way Colm does 23:01 – Colm breaks down his current contracts, appointments, and costs per lead 24:24 – Colm’s best advice for starting a new business (and why it’s important to test new strategies) 25:40 – What would Colm change about his current business model? 26:20 – Colm’s favorite business quote 28:08 – The book that changed Colm’s life 28:50 – Why Colm’s obsessed with measuring his results 31:40 – Colm’s morning routine for success (he wakes up early!) 35:40 – When should you hire a mentor? 37:25 – Colm claims that inspiration is the best motivator 38:40 – Colm’s goals for 2016 and how you can help [Tweet "If you're in the top 10% of your field, you’ll survive because your field will always survive."] Links and Resources: If you’re in the Pueblo or Colorado Springs area, or just want to hit Colm up for some solid advice, shoot him an email at And don’t forget to check out our mastermind group at Visit for some of the great marketing tools Colm has been using to promote his properties. Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Whitman is the book Colm references in today’s interview.   Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, party investors. This is Cory Boatright. I am founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and your host on Profit Mastery Product Cast series. I hope you're having a phenomenal, fun, fulfilled, and incredible day. I'm bringing to you another interview with a guy that you’ve probably never heard of. I’d be shocked if you’ve ever heard of Colm McCormack. He’s one of our Mastermind members in the Collective Genius. Make sure you check out the show notes in the link for that. Colm is somebody that is actually a former pastor of a church, he’s got his Masters in Divinity, he went and has been up and down for successful ventures, and he kind of settled with real estate investing. What we do in this interview is really unlike any other one today. We broke down all the metrics of his business, I'm talking about how many leads came in, the equal appointment,
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Joe Fairless is anything but an average joe. You’re going to learn so much from him on today’s episode. His insight into real estate and commercial property investment may actually change the way you play the game, and he brings his own profit master investing strategies to the table so you can start taking advantage of his unique insight.

What makes Joe one of my favorite people is not just that he moonlights as a stand-up comedian but that he focuses on staying motivated and remaining fulfilled in his career and his life choices. He controls nearly 21 million dollars in real estate properties, but he’s smart enough to know that monetary goals are not the only fulfilling achievements you can accomplish. He’s innovative, clever, funny, and one of the chillest people I’ve met in the business, and his positive outlook on life and investing is really going to change the way you approach your real estate investment goals.


4:20 What it’s like to manage over $20 million in real estate properties

4:59 Joe’s expertise in apartment and commercial property management

5:28 How Joe got his hands dirty in real estate

8:57 Joe stays fulfilled with his “sample life experiences” (and guess which huge comedian opened for Joe’s comedy show!)

12:10 How working with advertising influenced Joe’s real estate career

12:58 Joe’s mentor and how he helped shape him as an entrepreneur

13:43 Joe’s 4 major mentors in real estate and what he learned from them

18:34 Joe’s unique profit master investing strategies

22:44 How podcasts and social media boost my, Joe’s, and your real estate deals

24:09 Joe gives his own advice for running your own real estate business (hint: hire the right team!)

26:15 Joe’s tips for those ready to get started in the real estate business

31:17 Joe’s not a techy but he still has a favorite app

36:30 The biggest life lesson Joe learned in this business

38:33 Joe’s power mantras and incantations that keep his successful perspective

39:34 When to hire a mentor, according to Joe

41:10 How you can get in touch with Joe

Tune in to Joe’s podcast The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever and leave him a rave review!

If you want to get in touch with Joe with questions, advice, or just want to let him know you heard him on my show, shoot him an email at


Joe: “I was searching and seeking out different experiences that would be fulfilling because I wasn’t fulfilled in my full-time job.”

Joe: “It’s about experiencing the emotions of where you want to go and you’ll start taking more action towards getting there.”


‘Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement



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I’ve got another great interview lined up today. Gabriel Garcia, a prodigious guy from my mastermind group, knows the secret to success. We all know hard work pays off – duh – but what about working hard to maintain a positive attitude? Have you ever considered how much your own happiness influences your success? We may have started our own businesses so we could take charge of our lives, but Gabriel’s motivation may influence the way you look at your career and your success for the better.

From a technique standpoint, Gabriel breaks down his marketing skills – sharing a few mistakes he’s learned from on the way (and I ask him why he still doesn’t use apps in his business). But Gabriel also talks about how he revamped his goals to better match his business-oriented lifestyle that now includes faith and family. He’s a musical genius, but he swapped a creative career for real estate for the positive changes it made for himself and his family. His creative outlook brought an excellent spin to his business plan, and he can really help you transform the way you see your next venture.


4:34 Gabriel’s expertise with Wholesale/Fix-and-Flip combos and trends

12:50 Gabriel’s transition from a musical career to real estate extraordinaire

19:28 I ask Gabriel to walk me through the marketing mistakes he learned the most from

22:00 DMM, SEO, and more successful marketing plans Gabriel has perfected

33:06 Gabriel Garcia’s favorite motivational business quotes

34:16 What we love about The 4 Disciplines of Execution

37:33 I tell Gabriel the perks of using my favorite mobile apps

39:35 Why are morning rituals so important to success?

40:12 Gabriel breaks down his current routine

44:00 Uncovering the best time to get a mentor

49:32 What “mastery” means to Gabriel and his business

50:03 How to get in touch with Gabriel

52:20 What’s really fulfilling about this business


“My expertise is in building a real estate business with a solid team that we can just count on to get stuff done.” Gabriel

“The biggest mistake for me was not building a marketing foundation from the beginning.” Gabriel

Links and Resources:

Gratitude App

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals

Contact Sarah at to get in touch with Gabriel.


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Are you looking for a lending opportunity but don’t know where to start? I’ve invited Mike Zlotnik on today to be the next guest in my Real Estate Investing Profit Masterpiece series. Mike is a private lender who has done over $1 million dollars of business with me personally. In fact, he’s from my mastermind group, so I have just as much to learn from him as you do. Since he’s been in the business of lending for over six years, he knows the key differences between a good deal and a bad deal, and he’s here to talk about what you can do to insure that your next real estate venture is a good deal.

“Our goal is not to fund the deal. Our goal is to make the investor successful.”

Mike’s experience with residential properties is focused on the investor, which is YOU! And he’s on air today prepared to break down the equations and percentages that create the perfect lending deal for your next property investment. Mike’s insight into fix-and-flip projects, commercial and rental real estate, and his experience with real estate moguls across the globe will definitely prepare you for your next encounter with a private lender.


  • Inside info on how you can get your deal funded
  • Knowing the difference between a good deal and a bad deal
  • Mike’s own examples of good deals vs. bad deals
  • What to do before you submit your application for funding
  • A few ways you can improve your odds of getting the deal you want
  • Knowing what to expect from the appraisal of your property.
  • Mike’s personal definition of a “long-term hold”

“When you’re doing a deal, you need understand all the potential outcomes – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Links and Resources:

Listen to our earlier interview with Mike from episode 4 at or on iTunes

And don’t forget to start your lending application at Mike and his people will take a look at your project and help you get the money you need to get started.


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On today’s show I talk with Erik Stark. I think this is one of my favorite interviews because Erik talks about so many things I can relate to. Erik is a full-time American entrepreneur who has chiseled an exceptional life through real estate investing.

He has bought and sold over 400 properties and raised millions of dollars in private money. He has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in personal development and real estate. He has worked with people like Preston Ely, Sean Stevenson, and Kenny Rushing.

A person whose bible is torn apart usually lives a life that is not.  - Erik

Erik’s passion comes alive with his family. He has been married to his wife who he calls his love goddess for 12 years. His focus is on improving his marriage through biblical based principles. He surrounds himself with people who are supportive of god, and he runs a ministry. At 33, he has had incredible success. Erik’s main business focus is in wholesale properties and lead generation. There is a lot to learn in today’s show.


  • Why focusing on lead generation allows him to find the best deals and choose whether to keep or sale
  • Having a knack for sales, real estate was the natural progression of Erik’s journey
  • His core influences were his family and his business partner
  • His aha moment came when he was in the hospital when his son was born
  • Biggest mistake was not holding on to more properties, instead of flipping them
  • Marketing is his Profit Masters Investment Strategy, real estate is the opportunity
  • Driving a lead with “in the streets” networking and advertising strategy even Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club
  • Advice for running a successful business is stay focused and follow strategy
  • Find a mentor who has beliefs that match yours and let them guide you down the path

“Don’t bounce from opportunity to opportunity... focus on the goal go after it hard and don’t walk away from it” Erik

Links and Resources:





Bible App


You can get in touch with Erik through his website or through social media @theerikstark.

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Today I’ve brought the Lease Option Ninjas on the show to give a little insight into what it’s like to flip contracts, not houses.  Jay and Annie Adkins are working the real estate scene from their small town right outside of Columbus, Ohio. They got their first taste of real estate when they started leasing their family home.

“Commit with a renewed conviction to do your best work, be the best person you can and serve others by helping better their lives.”

They’ve been in the game together a long time, and they’ve had their fair share of experiences – some good, some bad, but always worth learning from. They talk about their biggest inspirations and their biggest mistakes, and there’s so many little lessons in today’s interview that you can’t miss it.


  • How Jay and Annie are crushing it in real estate today
  • What inspired their start in the real estate business
  • The biggest struggles Jay and Annie have faced in the business and in life
  • Learn from a few of Jay and Annie’s mistakes so you can avoid them
  • Finding new perspectives and new ways to pursue your market
  • The different tools Jay, Annie, and I use to stay organized

“We feel blessed that we have the opportunity to help [others] accomplish their goals and dreams.”

Links and Resources:

‘Vision Focused Life – Living with Extreme Purpose’ is their new book and it’s out in January 2016! Get a sneak peek online at and on Facebook at

You can get in contact with both Jay and Annie through email

And look for Jay on Facebook at


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You have to hear this interview! Patrick Precourt is the man – from rugby competitor to real estate mastermind. He’s on my show today with anecdotes that will prepare you for the real estate world. Hear how he flips properties, overcomes legal issues, and does what he calls taking a step forward into the offensive position for his business.

“Life does not give simply, we either step up or we step back.”

He and I were doing short sales at the same time and luckily enough attended the same seminar where we first met. Patrick was a total superstar for me, and when we met I was inspired by his confidence and his sense of purpose in his life and in his career. He takes what he learned on the rugby field and applies it to his businesses, so tune in now to take advantage of his great insight!


  • How Patrick flipped $40K for $2mil
  • Looking for the different angles you can capitalize on
  • How to leave your fear at the door and seize the properties you want
  • How Patrick took control of home inspection issues
  • Taking an offensive approach to your realty career
  • The perks of working with a mentor

“Without failure we cannot make intelligent decisions.”


Get with Patrick online at

Connect with him on LinkedIn at

Facebook at

Peak Performance Mastery Club

Warrior of the Light

Three Magic Words

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Want to get in touch with Cory and ask him your most burning Real Estate Investing question?  We’ve made it super easy for you.  Just head over to our Ask Cory A Question page and start recording.  Cory will play your question live on an upcoming show and answer it personally.

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Randy Lawrence is the owner of a seven figure real estate rehabbing company. Randy is known as “The Real Estate Preacher.” This former pastor has met many of his goals and “visions” through real estate. Today he will share his lessons from the business and how positive thinking helps move investors toward their goals.

Randy began with a 7 unit apartment complex in Florida. He took that experience and built upon it to create the business he has today. Randy began his career as a money manager, but soon found a calling in real estate. Today, Randy has over 20 deals in the works and has a 5 person team to manage deals with him. He says success is not the guy on the phone all day, but the guy in Tahiti while the business runs back home. The lessons Randy has taken away from his experience are:

  • Move forward after a mistake. Keep moving even if there was a mistake, and don’t quit,
  • Be Strategic. Know where you want to go and have a plan to get there.
  • Develop a system. Design a method to generate deals to keep the opportunities coming.
  • Protect your thoughts. Positive thinking is your most powerful tool.
  • Be willing to accept help from others.
  • Find mentors to teach you how to do what you want to do.

Randy can be found online at Please check out his podcast The Real Estate Preacher and join the page on Facebook.

Links and Resources:


Carleton Sheets

Thinking for a Change, John C. Maxwell


Quotes from today’s episode:



"What do you want to do, find the person who is doing what you want and learn from them. Because they're already doing what you want to do." --Randy Lawrence



"We are more resourceful than what we give ourselves credit for, we have deeper strength than what we know is possible, and we can actually do more than what we may believe is possible for us to do." --Randy Lawrence

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Hey, have you heard of Brock Collins? If you haven’t then you should check out his podcast Freedom Real Estate Investing. Brock operates just outside of Chicago and focuses on the why real estate is a great career choice. Today Brock shares his desire to keep his freedom while running his business and how he does that.

"If you are comfortable today, you're not taking enough action steps. You've got to get out until you're uncomfortable."

Brock grew up in a blue collar home, but he always wanted to see what the other side of the fence (white collar) was like. After making 24 grand a year while working 50 to 60 hours a week, Brock decided it was time to take his knowledge of real estate to the next level. He reached out to a mentor and began work on making deals. Brock learned traditional methods of property investment, but really made a breakthrough when he learned other methods of investment that better fit his personal goals.

Today’s Conversation Points:

  • Why buying with emotion will always cost more
  • E.D.C. -- Eliminate, Delegate, Create
  • Treat investing like a business
  • Lessons from influential books
  • Brock’s 3 Fs

"I want to really live life by design and so that’s how I do my business today."

Links and resources:

To connect with Brock Collins visit Also check out his podcast on Itunes.

To get more Profit Masters check out our website, You can also download the “Down and Dirty” Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide there too..  

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In the real estate business finding that highly-motivated seller is a critical to success.  My guest today is Chris Richter, co-founder of a company called Audantic which handles statistics and analytics for real estate and investors. Chris takes tons of data and breaks it down to give his clients the best results for finding those highly-motivated sellers and scaling their business.  Chris has been involved in wholesaling in the greater Seattle metro area and has developed an outstanding data mining business.  

"Marketing without analytics is like going golfing without knowing where the hole is."

Chris went to school for Astrophysics and was an engineer for almost five years. He tells us that he worked ridiculous hours and had friends in real estate that seemed happier than him.  After some missteps, he was on his way and he shares a ton of great insight on this episode.

"I think the industry is changing like every other industry and is leading more into data and modelling."


Today’s Topics Include:

  • Chris’s marketing through direct mail
  • Using analytics to your benefit
  • How the real estate market is moving more into data
  • Scaling through the use of analytics
  • Chris’s approach to locating motivated sellers


If you’d like to find out what’s going on in your area and how Chris can help you, send him an email at


If you want something, go get it.  It’ll be hard. Don’t complain about it. Just go.


Links and resources:


The Motivation Manifesto

The One Thing


Happy Tapper Gratitude App


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Our guest for today is Joe Lieber. He’s a Low Income Inner-City Housing Specialist and a Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investor from Cleveland, Ohio. Like so many of our other guests, we met through The Collective Genius mastermind. We’re going to be exploring his venture for financial freedom, and how it has led him to being an extremely profitable realtor in the ghetto.

Joe’s main deal is that he wants to work for assets; not for money (like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, who also happen to be his role models, especially the latter.) He’s currently in the 150 house range, so obviously he’s doing something right! Today is about how he gets to do everything he wants, and make money while he’s at it.

“There’s only two ways to get someone to invest into a property: a large down payment, or blood, sweat and tears.” – Joe

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Why Joe is huge on passive income
  • His best real estate strategies
  • The quick and easy way to breaking into the real estate business
  • How coaches pay for themselves and why you should have already gotten one
  • Joe’s experience with lease-to-own rentals

“I could have taken the elevator, but instead I took the stairs.” – Joe

Links and Resources:


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Today we’re joined by Daren Blomquist, data expert and Vice President of RealtyTrac. He graduated from Trinity International University with a degree in English Communications, in the hopes of becoming a newspaper journalist. However, in 2001, he started with RealtyTrac thinking it would be a small, internal publication. But to his surprise, he ended up sticking with it ever since.

He’s directly responsible for the creation of the company’s U.S. foreclosure market and sales reports, and they’re sided by hundreds of media outlets nationwide, like: CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox Business, and USA Today. He’s been quoted in hundreds of national publications like: The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. They also work closely with numerous government agencies at the national state and local level, and he’s a highly sought after speaker at industry events.

“Whenever I let go of control, I get more of it. It’s almost like holding on to a cactus: the tighter you hold on, the more it hurts you.”

Today is really all about data analysis, how and why RealtyTrac came to be, and some ups and downs Daren faced while the company was growing. We talk about the importance of handing off tasks as today’s Profit Master’s Investment Strategy, and the positive results that come from passing off responsibility and control. Daren tells us this is his best piece of advice to running a successful real estate data team.

We discuss a great strategy that we have observed in successful investors, which entails buying the foreclosure rights on houses before they can be repossessed, and are able to do this by using the information provided by RealtyTrac.

“People give up on something quicker than they should instead of giving it time to succeed.”

Lastly, we get a best-kept secret about the RealtyTrac website, and how you can use it to dominate the foreclosure market. You’re basically creating lists of people you want to market to, so this is just as useful for marketing as it is for investing and real estate. So go ahead, create a free account, and check out the millions of records we have on file, today!

Daren loves hearing from his audience. So, if you’re an investor, e-mail Daren at, and tell him your stories and what you’ve been seeing in your market.

“Even when I don’t feel like I’m making as much of a difference as I’d like to, just continuing to believe in it and continuing to do what I know—is what I should be doing.

Links and resources:


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Last week we had Dave Payerchin, and this week we have his partner RJ Pepino. Together they run Columbus Turn Key Houses. They’re an extraordinary company that provides incredible returns on profits for doing your investing in Columbus. RJ has closed over 150 real estate transactions, he’s an expert in the Columbus market, he’s had formal training in deal structuring and creative financing, and he also has a B.A. in Marketing from Youngstown State University.  

“Don’t wait for opportunities. Create opportunities.” – RJ Pepino

RJ went from selling cellphones at AT&T to being the manager, to fixing and flipping houses; so he tells us all about his transition, and then tells us a bit about how he learned the problems associated with not having proper contracts, the hard way. He shares his advice for running a successful business, and describes the importance of hiring and delegating people to help you run yours successfully.

Today’s topics include:

  • How RJ helps run the company with Dave
  • Who he is and what his expertise is in real estate.
  • Four different ways of getting money as a landlord
  • What made him want to get involved in real estate
  • RJ’s breaking point to entering real estate

“You don’t want to make any handshake deals in real estate.” – RJ Pepino

Today’s REIP strategy: “When you’re talking to a seller, you have to ask good questions. For example, some of the questions we ask if they’ve called in for a property are: “Do you have any other properties for sale?” “Are you in the market to buy properties?” “If you’re not in the market for our price point, do you know anyone that is, and is wanting to sell?”

“Pressure will crush you if you fold, but you have two choices: you can either flex or fold. And personally, I like to flex.” - RJ Pepino

Thanks for listening, and be sure to pay attention so you can find out how to get your free real estate investing guide today.

Links and resources mentioned:


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Today we have another incredible guest: his name is Dave Payerchin. We met at the Collective Genius Mastermind, and he’s a part of Columbus turnkey houses. He and his partner RJ Pepino specialize in networking, raising capital, system automation and developing and maintaining those relationships.

More specifically, they deliver superior service for competitive pricing in Columbus for Ohio investors, and their team understands every aspect of turnkey process from acquisition to resell. So they’re equipped with knowledge and infrastructure to provide a seamless investment experience and a quality product whether it’s investing, lending, buying, selling, property management, or even the federally subsidized rental properties section 8 and they’re just an incredible team.

Dave’s company focuses primarily on single family homes, and sometimes up to two to four units. It’s a heavy cash flow market, and right now he’s doing great. He didn’t get to where he is without a fight, however, and that’s one of the things we discuss. Some of today’s other topics include:

  • How you can take control of your life with your attitude   
  • Why he’s developing the ownership mentality
  • Dave’s best Profit Masters investing strategy
  • The story behind how Dave and his partner have reached success as a team
  • Dave’s top reads and business app picks  
  • How real estate became less about the money, and more about self-development

We also dove headfirst into Dave’s past. He was a self-proclaimed glorified telemarketer, but explains to us the reasons why that job was actually a big learning stepping stone for him. He tells us that after making $180,000 in his first year in real estate, he was filing for bankruptcy and signing wallet houses shortly after. He mistook debt for revenue, and mistook debt in leverage, so listen up, because as we know, the smartest way to learn is from other people’s mistakes.

Our guest really emphasized the importance of staying positive and attracting what you want to achieve in life with your mind and your attitude. This is the breaking point for so many people, because there’s nothing stronger than your mind; what your brain says, goes. He explains how this and his spiritual development have been fundamental to his success.

“All of life is an internal battle.”

Another great piece of advice we were given today was to surround yourself with people that compliment your weaknesses, and build you up in your business. Personally, he talks about how his partner really helped him overcome his adversities; enough so that Dave quit smoking and drinking, and is now living a much healthier and happier lifestyle.

For more information about their business, you can visit the website in the links below, or e-mail them at If you’re interested in buying great cash flow properties in the Columbus area or have some money you want to start gaining interest on, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Make sure to stay tuned for our next episode, where I’ll be interviewing Dave’s awesome business partner and best friend, RJ Pepino.


Links and resources:

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I have an absolutely incredible investor today named Mitch Steven, out of Canyon Lake, TX.  He’s someone I met at the Collective Genius Mastermind. He’s a total rock star, and has been self-employed since 1996, having purchased over 1000 houses in the San Antonio area. He’s also a self-taught high school graduate, and he never stopped learning.

He specializes in owner finance properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and gives new life to properties that scar the neighborhoods, so he’s perfected the method of achieving cash flow without being a landlord or rehabbing properties.

He’s also mastered the art of private money, and the classic nothing down deal. This is someone with over 1100 doors in storage facilities breaks down his strategy, and you’re going to love it.

Today we dive into:

  • Why he started a career in real estate
  • The one strategy that made him a multi-millionaire
  • What he was doing before real estate and how it affected his current success
  • His worst deal and how he handled it like a pro
  • His Profit Masters Investing strategies and why they’re fool-proof
  • How he got good at saying “This isn’t what I do”
  • Why you should learn to delegate

Mitch is knocking if out of the park, currently dealing with a lot of owner-finance issues. We go through and talk about what he specifically focuses on in real estate. He does everything, but we talk about his main gigs and why he chose real estate as his main endeavor.

Finally we discuss establishing owner-finance value, creating your own value and owner finance strategy. We broke it down into how to get your owner-finance price, FAK funds and the importance of not over leveraging.

Make sure to listen closely and see how you can get your free investor guide. Thanks for listening, and check in soon for another awesome episode.


Links and resources:

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I’ve got someone really special today, and her name is Lindsey Jean. She’s president of “High Heels and Hard Hats” and she’s also a part of Cash Cow Know How.

Lindsey really knows her stuff, and I think you’re going to be blown away by how she talks about the mindset shifts she’s had to go through in life and how she’s taken all those negative things and become a rock star, and one of our profit stars!

Before being in real estate, Lindsey was one of the best horse trainers in the country. Between working for a Forbes list billionaire and all of his wealthy clients, she definitely learned a thing or two from them along the way.

Actually, they’re the reason Lindsey began in real estate, which we’ll talk about during the show. She started out 12 years ago as a broker and later moved on to being an agent. She’s now involved in wholesale and fix-and-flips. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Why she became a real estate agent
  • Who her biggest influences in life were and why
  • Lindsey’s top profit master investing strategy
  • Why mentors are a must
  • How to run a successful real estate business

We’ve talked about limiting beliefs on the show before, and we skimmed it again today when Lindsey talked to us about the piece of advice that’s gotten her to where she is today.

We also dive into some more personal aspects of Lindsey’s day-to-day life, like her favorite book, business app and quote, and what her morning routine looks like.

Lindsey also told us a couple of pretty cool stories in today’s episode, so stay tuned and let us know what you think!

If you want to get in touch with Lindsey, you can send her an email at

We really hope you enjoy today’s episode, and if you do, please be sure to tell us by giving us an  iTunes review.

Links and resources:

Today we have an amazing guest, his name is Josh Stech. Currently running a company in San Francisco called Lending Home, as VP of Business Development, Josh graduated from Stanford, and transitioned from fixing and flipping to having over 170 employees under his wing.

We’ll be talking about quite a few different things, including the whole story of how Josh got started with Lending Home, how he did it, and his best tips for reaching success and staying there. Here are some of the things we went over:

  • Josh’s area of expertise in real estate and what his main focus is
  • How Josh got involved with real estate
  • Who influenced Josh the most and how it changed his business strategy
  • Josh’s newfound profit strategy
  • How to dive into being a broker with Lending Home
  • Cory’s hilarious encounter with Mickey Mantle

Josh really gets into all the ups and downs that he had while trying to build up his company and reputation, and also gives a lot of great advice for beginners or really, anyone wanting to up their game as an investor and real estate person. This included tips on:

  • Why having a mentor is important and what to expect
  • How you can stayed motivated during tough times
  • What books to read and what apps to use for the most productivity
  • How to focus on your goals and stay on track
  • How to have a good business practice


Between funny stories, great advice and opinions, and the best real estate tips around, you can be sure to have a great listen with this one. Be sure to check us out on social media and don’t forget to check back soon for another awesome episode.

Today on Real Estate Investing Profits, Profit Masters Podcast, my guest is Mike Hambright of Flipnerd, an online site which allows real estate investors, vendors and clubs to list and view properties and provides access to many buyers.  Mike is also involved with HomeVestors, a  60-member strong franchise site  where he also serves as a mentor to other franchisees.  Mike really likes to rehab properties because he loves to see the transformation and also believes rehabbing offers the greatest financial success.  


Mike explains he was involved initially in the corporate world and later joined  a startup that he eventually became an affiliate with.  He reached the point where he was faced with going back into  has the corporate world doing something on his own.  He decided he would rather control his own destiny and began investing in real estate around the Dallas area.  He became a HomeVestors franchisee and worked very hard as he recognized that failure was not an option.  


Mike’s Profit Master Investing Strategy:

If you are wholesaling, it is especially important to have access to many buyers.  If you rely on the same people over and over they may come to expect a customer discount or may eventually become disinterested.  Mike says at Flipnerd, they have built the largest off-market listing platform for wholesale dealers.  At the ten thousand member mark, Flipnerd supplies that large number of potential buyers.


In offering advice for running a successful business, Mike believes you need to treat it like a business, get systems in place, contacts developed and a network going.  If Mike had to start all over again, he would likely collaborate more early on and not be so worried about thinking of everybody as the competition.  He also believes you need to learn what you are and are not good at and hire somebody to help in the areas where you may not be as good or don’t have a great interest.  

Favorite Quote:

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up - Babe Ruth


Favorite Book:

Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill


Favorite App

Asana - project management tool


In discussing why he does what the things he does, Mike explains that over time the reasons have changed.  Initially it was to support his family.  Now the reason is to make a difference.  Mike says he knows what real estate investing can do to give people true financial freedom.  Mike says he wants to build something that can make a positive influence on others.  


Mike invites you to join Flipnerd for free and he hopes you’ll also stop by the Flipnerd Facebook page.  The gates have just opened and you can register for the REI Power Summit .  Over 50 speaks will be part of the online summit which will allow participants to watch live to interact with speakers and other attendees, or view it over the next 12 months.


Please check out our website, for the “Down and Dirty” Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide download.  

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Brian Ellwood used to shake the hands of strangers and ask them what they did for living.  He felt trapped in a  job where he had no control of his own time.  His strategy paid off and propelled him into property flipping and rental property investment.  On this episode Brian shares his story and provides really valuable insight along the way.

Brian begins by discussing how he got started in the business.  A stranger gave him the opportunity to get a lead for him.  The guy closed on the deal and gave Brian a one thousand dollar check.  At that moment it clicked for Brian and he realized there was a way to get paid for the value you add,  instead of your time.

As far as an example of a mistake, Brian said for him it was not hiring someone soon enough to do what he does.  He hired an acquisitions manager to deal with sellers and within months his business tripled.     

For a Profit Master investing strategy, Brian talks about the book, Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.  The traditional way to look at things is by sales minus expenses equals profit, but the book flips the script by using a different formula of sales minus profit equals expenses.  Brian has put this theory into action and he explains how it helps him watch his profitability stack up while forcing him to be more frugal.  

Brian offers his keys to running a successful real estate business.  He believes in running it by the numbers and explains it in several points including:

  • Define the key numbers that a business needs to be successful
  • Assign numbers to the employees who handle those areas
  • Hold a weekly scorecard meeting where everybody is accountable for their part
  • If somebody is not performing where they should be in the numbers, determine why

Brian offers the advice of:  shift your focus from looking for a job to creating a job and then, in theory,  you’ll have more money and with that learn to invest well in one niche.  Entrepreneurship and investing is the ultimate combination for him.  Brian says he most enjoys helping other people achieve their goals and remove their roadblocks.  As far as why Brian does what he does, he says he feels driven to improve himself every day and he loves to learn and create.  

Brian has a blog and podcast available on his website,  He hopes you’ll stop by his website and reach out to him.

Please visit out our website, for the “Down and Dirty” Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide download.  

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Episode 7:  Mike Cuevas Real Estate Marketing Dude with Systems in Chicago


This week Cory had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Cuevas, known as ‘the Real Estate Marketing Dude’. Mike knows how to get the systems in place and get the phone to ring.




Mike has been in the real estate business for 12 or 13 years, starting out as an agent learning the ins and outs. From there, he entered the short sale game and ran one of the largest short sale groups in the country. He created a short sale model , assembled a team and at one point was handling 25-35 closings a month for two years straight. “The only way you’re going to run something like that is by setting up systems and having the right team in place”.


Building Processes and Assembling Teams


QUOTE: “You don’t use difference recipes every time you make a meal. Same concept applies - use the same recipe, the same process, the same systems – just repeat and scale.”


Marketing and sales go hand in hand. You can’t be successful without both but you don’t have to do it all alone. Focus on your own strengths and assemble the right team. Creating processes and systems are the key to getting the job done.  Understand what you’re good at and outsource the rest.


Quote: “You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.”


One of the biggest missed opportunities I see as an investor is using their real estate agent for their marketing. You have to do a lot of marketing to find the deal that works. The investors who are licensed can team up with the marketing for their real estate agents. 


QUOTE: “There is no better lesson than experience. Get out from behind your desk.”


Mike’s advice? 


One of the greatest lessons Mike’s learned is that there is no better lesson than experience, but you have to start somewhere. Build the business. Be you and do what you want to do, but you have to put in the work.  Learn from your mistakes.


Let someone walk you through the ropes. Get a mentor, someone who’s been around the block a few times.  Go out there shake hands and talk to people. Ask questions.


You have to have a ‘why’ to be successful. Mike works for his family and is grateful for them and the opportunity to have his own thoughts and work for himself doing something he loves. These are the things that lead to success. 


Recommended reading this episode


Now Discover Your Strengths”, Marcus Buckingham


Entreleadership”, Dave Ramsey


Start With Why”, Simon Sinek


Recommended Apps


Mike does the majority of his business on the web. You can find him teaching real estate on his website or connect with him on social media.  Find all of his handles at his website.


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Our guest today is Alex Pardo, a business partner and friend of Cory. Alex works out of Miami, Florida and use to work as a GE Financial Analyst. Now he focuses on real estate systems and how they help him flip houses in his area.


Alex began his career in 2005 with a short sale job. He has been involved in numerous deals, but he says his expertise is wholesaling. The last 3 years his focus has been creating a team so he can step away from the everyday process. Alex believes wholesaling should always be at the center of Real Estate.


At the age of 21 Alex took a job with General Electric and found he wanted to be his own boss. He found Kawasaki’s series about real estate and started working in the business. Alex suggests getting a coach as soon as possible. He personally waited 3 years to find a mentor or a coach and he knows he made a lot mistakes and lost a lot of money in those 3 years.


Alex says his biggest mistake happened in 2006. Alex and his partner bought a half million dollar property and decided to flip it. They took out a loan and lost 90 thousand dollars in the deal. After the disappointing deal Alex learned two big lessons.


  1. Know your market.
  2. Stick to what you are good at.


The strategy Alex says works best for him is aggressive pricing on wholesale deals. He remembers a deal that was worth 300 thousand and sold it for 247 thousand because of the location of the house. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money if the property is located in a desirable neighborhood.


Alex suggests that newcomers should ask themselves what they like about the real estate business and focus on that aspect. Then find a mentor, and spend a little money so that it will be a more serious investment. Don’t be complacent and keep marketing and networking. Focus more on personal development and become the person you want to be.


Recommended reading this episode:


Think and Grow Rich, by: Napoleon Hill

E-Myth, by: Michael Gerber

4 Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss


Recommended apps:



Alex thinks the greatest lesson he has learned is surround yourself with the right people.  He credits his family and his faith with the why he is in the real estate business. He enjoys helping people and providing for his family.


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Cory talks with a father/son team Greg and Matt Sneyd of the Muve Group. The Muve Group is based out of Salt Lake City and is part of MG Property Solutions. They flip homes, new construction, rehabs, and even land deals in real estate. Greg and Matt are also part of the Collective Genius Mastermind.

Matt and Greg have been in the business for 9 years. The whole family is included in the business and it has grown to a successful venture. It all began with a real estate seminar from Ron Legrand. Then they invested in education every quarter to keep on top of the industry. Many things have been learned in this education experience, and it has helped the company diversify. MG Property Solutions is a very well developed brand. Matt created a polished presentation for customers that makes them stand out from the competition. Greg give these tips for a successful real estate business:

  • Implement what needs to be done.
  • Don’t give up.

Matt adds that if they were to do it over, they would have used their own money for flips or shopped around for the best lending deal. Lending partners should never be permanent parts of a business model. Recommended reading this episode: No Excuses by: Brian Tracy Matt says that most of their business comes from social media. So apps that make photos and sale content easier are extremely useful to their business. One of the biggest lessons the two have learned is work with people who are smarter than you. Matt adds that don’t believe everything you hear in seminars. Laws vary state to state and check into the ethics of it. To reach Matt and Greg visit or

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Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Masters Podcast Series. Today Cory welcomes Mike Zlotnik, a private lender for real estate investments, to the show. He joins Cory today to discuss the ups and downs of “marrying money with opportunity.”

Mike offers private loans for real estate projects that allow project managers to buy and repair homes. These improvements ultimately improve communities. Borrowers of this “hard money” have two options to pay back the loan, such as:

  1. Sell the house.
  2. Rent the house out.

Mike got started in real estate by buying his first apartment in 2000. He joined Tempo in 2008 and began his career in real estate. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, Mike learned about fraud and the pain of huge money loss. But he has learned how to be more aggressive in his lending and how to choose the right borrower.

Mike stresses the importance of patience in business. Weigh out business decisions in pros and cons and exercise patience in your choices.

Recommended reading this episode:

Retire Rich, with Self Directed IRA by: Nora Peterson 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Recommended app: Task Killer

The best lesson Mike offers is to help others. Build better relationships in business and find coaches as soon as possible.

If you want to reach Mike Zlotnick send an email to

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When it comes to house flipping Justin Williams is a master.  Or, as he calls it a house flipping machinist.  Justin joins me to talk about how he got in the house flipping business and shares some of the lessons he’s learned along the way.  Justin is the operator of House Flipping HQ, where he shares his expertise with others interested in learning the art of the flip.


After Justin sold 4 houses, he said he realized that he could make a lot more money by flipping houses than by renting them.  This year he expects to use the house flipping program he created to flip around 175 homes.  His breaking point came when he was 120-thousand dollars in debt and sharing a small house with a number of people in Bakersfield.  He started going door to door in the satellite dish business and worked hard.  After just six months he was able to pay off his debts, move out and get into real estate.  


That’s not to say there weren't mistakes along the way and Justin talks about those and the lessons he learned.  He also explains how his business buys from wholesale and flips houses.  

His advice about success is leverage.  The leverage of money, people, expertise, technology.  He discusses what systematizing has done for his business.  


Justin runs his business around the idea of - think less,  do more.  He suggests the best way to approach it is to have the education you need, take action and surround yourself with like-minded people.         


A few of the other questions answered by Justin include:

  • Favorite books

  • Mobile apps in use - he is big on using digital calendars

  • His morning routine

  • When to hire a mentor or coach - he believes in doing it quickly if you want to advance to the next level

  • Why he does what he does


Check out Justin’s website at House Flipping  You’ll find all kinds of valuable training information, tips and much more to get you on the path to house flipping.

Take a listen to his podcasts at House Flipping HQ Podcast.

And Justin has just started a brand new website that you have to check out, 8 Minute Millionaire.  


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Today on Real Estate Investing Profits, Profit Masters Podcast, my guest is Eddie Speed.  Eddie is the founder of Note School. Since 1980, Eddie has been buying notes.  His Note School is a highly recognized training company that specializes in the teaching of buying performing and non-performing mortgage notes.  Eddie is also the owner and president of Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires broker discounted real estate secured notes.  Eddie is a leader and innovator in the note business.  As Eddie puts it, he’s a note guy. He has owned several thousand properties.  He teaches people to buy notes, he buys notes in bulk and resells them in all increments.


Eddie explains that he buys existing discounted seller financed notes and defaulted notes that are being held by banks.  With the defaulted notes, he will then attempt to modify and get the customer to pay again, and if that isn’t possible he will try to get them to deed it to him or he  has the right to foreclose.  With over 40 thousand seller financed notes purchased by Eddie’s company he feels it’s an incredible opportunity.  


Here’s a few of the questions I pose to Eddie:

  • Biggest influence - his father-in-law and he explains why

  • Any big mistake made - he has been defrauded

  • Advice in running a successful business - don’t give up and don’t get so hung up on price you don’t understand how to be a deal architect

  • If you started all over again what would you have done differently - Eddie explains why he would have been part of a mastermind group early on

  • Greatest lesson learned - trust but verify

  • Why do you do what you do - Eddie has a passion for it


Profit Master Investment Strategy:

Eddie says in two-thirds of the United States real estate is too cheap for what it rents for in the working class price band.  He will find houses below a hundred grand that aren’t getting conventionally financed so the owner has to pay cash.  He then will owner finance the property by selling it to the owner for half and will then use it as a rental property for 5 years.  While there is a time that the owner doesn’t live in the property, Eddie has sold it to them for half the price and the renter has paid the other half.  Eddie says it’s a wealth builder and a win-win situation for him and the owner.


To find out about the locations of Eddie’s Note School 3 day training classes, check out


Free training and additional information is available on his Note School website.


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On this inaugural episode of the Real Estate Investing Profits, Profit Masters Podcast, my guest is Jason Hartman.  Jason has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His hard work earned him a number of prestigious industry awards and he became a young multi-millionaire. In addition to running his successful real estate business, Jason is also a podcaster.

Jason believes in the buy and hold strategy involving properties and it really is his speciality.  One of his commandments of successful investing is:

Thou Shall Maintain Control - when you relinquish direct control of your money you leave

yourself susceptible to the fact that you may be investing with a crook, investing with an

idiot, investing with someone who will take a management fee for managing the deal.

Jason also discusses his term: inflation-induced debt destruction and gives us a history lesson of the term in action.

He offers three pieces of advice to run a successful business and explains these in detail:

  • Develop a brand
  • Develop systems
  • Develop a unique business model

I asked Jason some questions, like,  if you had to start over what would you change?  Jason would have purchased more property.  His favorite quote he tells us is a zen saying.  Jason lists some of his top books that had an impact on his life in one way or another.  He fills us in on his favorite app, his morning routine, his single greatest lesson learned, the things he is most grateful for, whether to hire a mentor or coach and why he does the things he does.

Jason has some interesting bits of wisdom to share throughout this interview.  He leaves us with the thought that it’s amazing how quickly investments will pay off and wishes everybody happy investing!

You can learn more about Jason on his website,  He also has an extensive podcast site which you can find at  You can also listen to his podcasts on  iTunes or Stitcher.

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