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My guest today is rocking it all the way up in Long Island, New York. Billy Alvaro’s blitzkrieg process is really changing the real estate game, and the pointers he’s sharing on today’s show may even change up the way you’re doing business. [youtube][/youtube] Billy got started working with mortgages in the early 2000s, and he had almost 1000 employees working with him. But when the housing bubble popped, he lost a lot of his profits and even more of his confidence. How do you bounce back from something like that? Well, with his strong foundation in real estate investment (something he’s been honing since he attended his first seminar at 16!) and a super-supportive spouse, Billy bounced back tenfold. His new strategy with wholesaling and flipping vacant houses brought his groove back, but it was his personal transformation that really helped him succeed. [Tweet "You’re going to trip, you’re going to fall, get yourself up quick and start now. - Billy"] The most important thing you can remember in this business is never to give in to your fear. What are you so afraid of? That’s the question that got Billy motivated to try again, and it’s definitely what’s kept him at the top for so long now. When you’re afraid, you only hold yourself back from your true potential and your true success. The fear is only temporary, and once you face it head on, you’re going to be a stronger person. Billy shares this experience and offers up his best piece of advice for overcoming that fear of the unknown: hiring a mentor or a coach! Finding this person who’s done it all before, who has that tried and true method, is going to hook you up with the skills you need and will really motivate you and inspire you to stick to your guns and pursue the path you know is right. MINUTE MARKERS 4:00 - Billy is coming in from Long Island, New York 6:00 - Billy breaks down his real estate expertise in wholesale, rehab, and rental 8:32 - Who was Billy’s biggest influence? 10:10 - Billy’s breaking point happened when he lost the mortgage bank 14:15 - Hear how his real estate investment strategy is crushing it in New York 16:00 - Billy shares his Vacant House program strategy 19:10 - How does Billy use skip tracing to get in touch with buyers? 20:43 - What does Billy think about probate deals? 21:06 - The single greatest lesson Billy learned 22:17 - Start with wholesale is the best advice for newcomers 24:21 - Billy’s favorite motivational quote 25:08 - Billy recommends As a Man Thinketh by James Allen 26:40 - Fix Your Funnel is Billy’s favorite app 28:20 - Billy breaks down his healthy and regimented morning routine 30:15 - Try and keep up with Billy. He changes his life up every six months or so! 32:23 - What is Billy most grateful for? 34:48 - Hear how important coaching is for Billy’s success 38:10 - This is why Billy is one of my favorite leaders in the game right now 39:30 - Get with Billy on Facebook [Tweet "The real estate investing side, the body side, the mind side, everything is about coaching. - Billy"] Links and Resources: No Money Down How To Flip Contracts Not Houses taught by Cory Boatright As a Man Thinketh by James Allen Fix Your Funnel Infusionsoft Billy on LinkedIn Max Returns Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on? This is Cory Boatright. I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profits Profit Master podcast series and also your founder of Have you went and got your Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quickstart Guide, the Down and Dirty Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quickstart Guide? Have you? Have you? If not, text the word profit to 38470. Text the word profit to 38470 and get it right now. Be instantly, automagically sent to your cell phone. Today, we’re on episode 37 today. I have a very good friend of mine. This guy is a rock star real estate investor out of New York....
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I know there’s a lot of real estate investors out there who are a little afraid to explore the realm of private lenders. That’s why I’ve brought Heather Dreves on the show today. She works with a private lender - Secured Investment Corp – and she’s spent decades working the ins and outs of the lending business. She’s seen real estate investors succeed and fail, and she herself has a few learning experiences to share, and all of it inspired her to pursue real estate investment! So if a private lender can venture into our area of expertise, all of us real estate investors can benefit from her knowledge as well. [youtube][/youtube] Heather enjoys lending money to self-employed entrepreneurs and their families. Watching people succeed in their business motivates her, and that’s why she and her lending team focus on transparency, mentorship, and making sure their people make their money back. She learned early on that focusing on the bottom line was not enough to sustain a business, and after foreclosures and property taxes caught up with many of her clients, she decided to change her approach. Now, seminars, classes, and success and accountability programs are all ways Heather and Secured Investment Corp are insuring that their clients earn all their money back (and then some). 

Can you handle 1,000 calls in one day? Peter Vekselman can! He’s my guest today, and he’s talking about the new real estate investment strategy he’s been pioneering. He is literally transforming the real estate scene in Atlanta and across the country with this business model. [youtube][/youtube] Peter calls his strategy a “consultative approach” and it is groundbreaking. His consultative approach involves combining a real estate brokerage with a real estate investment firm, and it’s so successful because it keeps everything internal. There’s no more stress about when or how or where things are going to get done, because you already know where your team is going and what they’re doing. Once you create an internal system to you can rely on, you easily know what’s going on and when it’s happening. It’s also much easier to copy and apply to business models across the country, which is exactly what he’s doing. [Tweet "One way or another, you’re going to pay a price in this business. - Peter"] Building this trust and establishing his strong reputation are all an integral part of Peter’s team and business He and his team are right out there in the field, getting face-to-face with potential sellers, and pinpointing their exact motives. This face-to-face model is key to Peter’s success. By implementing this strategy into his business model, Peter is tripling his profits and exploding his team. He’s even starting to franchise out across other states! So tune in now so you can catch a ride on this amazing guy’s brilliant strategy. MINUTE MARKERS 4:31 - Peter’s biggest strength in real estate is developing his first-class sales models 5:45 - How man wholesale deals does Peter knock out per day? 7:03 - Pete’s biggest mistake turns out to be his biggest influence 8:28 - Avoid mistakes by keeping your real estate business internal 12:06 - Pete breaks down the winning tweaks he made to his investment strategy 14:14 - How to take Pete’s “consultive approach” 15:26 - A Quick Cory Breakdown of Pete’s strategy 16:06 - How did Peter combine real estate brokerage with an investment company? 19:12 - Peter’s real estate model makes his agents over $3 grand in a week 20:02 - How exactly does he do that? (his answer will blow your mind!) 22:16 - Peter breaks down the training his people go through 26:30 - Seeing your clients face-to-face makes a HUGE difference 29:05 - How does Peter set up his quasi-franchise business model? 30:55 - Pete’s advice for success involves having the right people 31:22 - What happened when Peter picked the wrong people? 32:13 - Peter’s motivational quote comes from Million Dollar Listing 32:41 - Peter’s favorite book? 34:25 - Peter is a weirdo who doesn’t use any mobile apps 35:20 - And his morning routine starts at 4:30am 36:32 - Peter advises us all to listen to our dads more 37:30 - What is Peter most grateful for? 38:28 - Why you need to hire a mentor on day 1 40:19 - Peter summarizes his career for all the newcomers to this business 42:05 - How can you serve Peter right now? 44:43 - Shoot Pete a text: 404-915-9685 with the word “trifecta” to start talking [Tweet "We’ve combined a traditional real estate brokerage with a traditional real estate investment company. - Peter"]   Links and Resources: Collective Genius Mastermind Podio Pipe Drive Lob Million Dollar Listing Gary Vaynerchuk Traction, Gino Wickman The E-Myth Revisted, Michael  Gerber Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Welcome back, welcome back. This is Cory Boatright, I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters Podcast series and also CEO of I hope you're having a productive and fun day today. I am bringing you someone that is going to really make you question how you're running your business if you're a real estate agent specifically if you have a brokerage,...

Today’s guest is HUGE! Ken Corsini is getting his own show on HGTV called Flipping the South. It airs next Thursday, May 12th, at 11pm Eastern Time, so set your DVR right now before you forget. Because after this interview you’re definitely going to want to see this guy in action. [youtube][/youtube] Ken is on the podcast today to talk about the real estate scene in Atlanta and how he managed to score a spot on HGTV. He’s been in the game for over a decade now, and he’s learned a thing or two about flipping houses. His unique perspective on flipping turnkey properties isn’t your typical fix-and-flip situation. Ken and his wife work together to find one-of-a-kind, off-market properties, including old farm houses, that they then transform into move-in ready homes for eager homeowners. He did 100 flips in 2015 alone! So if you want to get in on his profit making strategy, listen to Ken break down a few life lessons. [Tweet "If there’s one word investors need to incorporate into the repertoire, it’s adaptation. - Ken"] The biggest lesson Ken and I talk about today is adaption. We all know that keeping up in this market is sometimes impossible. You have to learn how to stay on your toes if you want to keep up with all the new technology, housing options, and real estate law. Ken talks about how to read the right signs and follow the right trends so you can start incorporating a little modernity into your business plan. He’s like a breath of fresh air! Ken knows that the best way to be successful in real estate is to keep learning as you go, and luckily for all of us, this career is a series of lessons. Because when you learn to adapt now, you’ll still be able to keep up with the market in 12, 24, even 36 months from now. Ken is such a smart guy. We know each other from our Collective Genius mastermind group, and I am so excited to have him on today. His lessons in real estate, new construction, and in life are really going to get you motivated. Ken is the kind of guy that knows that this life is temporary, and he’s on right now to remind us why we’re really in this business! MINUTE MARKERS 5:25 - Ken takes us back to 2005 when he started in real estate 6:00 - How Ken escaped the corporate structure to do his own thing 7:00 - What is the turnkey market like in Hotlanta right now? 7:47 - Who is Ken’s biggest investor influence? 9:00 - What was the breaking point for Ken’s career? 9:48-  Ken shares how he made HGTV happen 10:48 - What’s it like to film with HGTV? 12:14 - We break down the metrics of having your own television show 13:30 - Ken and his wife are flipping old farm houses on Flipping the South 14:27 - Ken shares his own Profit Master Investing Strategy with new construction 15:40 - Ken works with some really unique properties 16:22 - The biggest lesson Ken learned that’s kept him successful – Adaption! 17:56 - Best advice for newcomers straight from Ken 20:11 - Ken’s favorite motivational quote is a classic 20:35 - The One Thing by Gary Keller is Ken’s favorite book 22:21 - Ken breaks down his winning (and strict) morning routine 23:26 - We bond over how cancer changes your perspective on life 26:20 - Ken is most grateful for the encouragement he gets from his wife 27:15 - Ken has never used a business coach or mentor! 28:45 - What gets Ken out of bed in the morning? 32:00 - Support Ken and tune in to HGTV on May 12th 11pmEST (set your DVR!) 32:22 -  And tune in to Ken’s podcast Deal Farm [Tweet "What’s working well for us is carving out this niche and building some really good margins. - Ken"] Links and Resources: Collective Genius Mastermind Carelton Sheets The One Thing by Gary Keller Deal Farm Podcast with Ken Corsini                                    Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What’s up people? This is Cory Boatright.
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