Real Estate Investing Profit Masters by Cory Boatright
Today’s guest is Engelo Rumora, who’s killing it on the scene with his amazing real estate investment strategy. He went from working on construction sites to owning and flipping his own properties on an international scale. Engelo may be Australian, but he’s working in Ohio right now flipping and selling his properties to international investors looking for rental properties here in the US. What’s his secret? Selling properties at market value. Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s why I brought him on today. Engelo breaks down his own cash-flow strategy so you can apply it to your own real estate investments. [youtube][/youtube] The magic of his full-service cash flow model is a combination of an in-house property management team, his own amazing clientele, and his totally ingenious and completely fearless approach to real estate investment. He isn’t afraid to take the risks, and he’s definitely not afraid to fully enjoy his experiences in this business. Engelo owes so much to his mentors because they gave him the foundation to become the “lifestyle-preneur” he is today. His advice is to surround yourself with the successful people you want to be like and learn from their model. You can apply their strategies to whatever your real estate niche is and finally reach your end goal. [Tweet "Success comes from doing things differently. - Engelo"] MINUTE MARKERS 5:12 - Meet The Dingo – Engelo Rumora! 5:56 - Engelo discusses his expertise on the Ohio real estate scene 7:45-  How did Engelo get involved in international real estate? 9:28-  The two key things that make Engelo’s cash flow model stand out 10:09 - Why does Engelo sell his properties at market value? 12:11 - Mentors helped Engelo break out of his construction job 13:35 - Engelo’s worst moment happened just 3 years ago 15:24 - A desperate state of mind is Engelo’s secret to success 17:36 - What it’s like when people believe in you and how that transforms your business 22:30 - Engelo’s business philosophy is “people want what they can’t have” 24:52 - How Engelo utilizes word-of-mouth marketing and scales 26:44 - Engelo drinks scotch and only scotch 27:03 - What’s Engelo’s best piece of advice? Ignore the noise. 28:02 - Why patience is so important in the real estate game 29:40 - Engelo’s favorite motivational quote 30:02 - How often does your perspective change? 31:29 - It’s time to become a lifestyle-preneur. You only live once! 33:03 - Gino Wickman is Engelo’s favorite author 34:50 - Engelo’s average morning routine 36:33 - Hipchat is the mobile app of choice for lifestyle-preneurs 37:27 - The greatest lesson Engelo ever learned 37:44 - How can this dingo be grateful for everything? 38:50 - Remember - your worst day is somebody else’s paradise 39:18 - Engelo’s advice on finding the right mentor 41:25 - The dingo defines the two concepts that will create real estate success for you 44:14 - Legacy is what gets Engelo out of bed in the morning 45:50 - What gets the man Cory Boatright out of bed? 47:16 - Stop being afraid of your first deal! 48:50 - Step into your fear and see just how much you can really accomplish 51:15 - Take more risks and contact Engelo Rumora on Facebook @ The Real Estate Dingo [Tweet "You have to give others what they want before you can get what you want. - Engelo"] Links and Resources: Traction, Gino Wickman Rocket Fuel, Gino Wickman E-Myth, Michael Gerber Hipchat Gary Vaynerchuk Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Are you ready for this interview? This is going to be one that you may not be able to stop laughing from. Engelo Rumora, cash flow dingo. Got the Russian— that was not the Russian accent, what was I doing there? But, you got the Russian accent eh mate (laugh), that’s all better I think I’m butchering it. Anyway, Engelo is quite the character, and this guy has got a story that just won’t quit.
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Mark Ferguson is the REO agent extraordinaire with blue Diablo Lamborghini. We need more people with that kind of refreshing perspective! So I invited him on the show today to share what tweak to his strategy sent him over the top. His Broker Price Opinion (BPO for short) strategy paid off HUGE and all it took was a change in attitude and a little risk.  [youtube][/youtube] Using a BPO and working with the bank to find and sell listings are all a part of the strategy secrets Mark’s talking about today. He started with cold calls to the bank - something some of us are a little wary of - and followed through with hard work. Who knew working in realty was that easy? With a few phone calls and a lot of hustle, Mark has been able to grow from selling 15-20 houses per year to over 200 houses! His ability to balance the work of an REO agent and an investor also pays off in full. His REO listings generate more buyers and help him build his team, while his investment properties continue to earn him profits. [Tweet "The biggest thing [my mistakes] cost me was opportunity because I wasn’t looking for more deals. - Mark"] The best part of this podcast is Mark’s amazing advice. Mark says that the only way to stay focused is to zero in on only a few things in the beginning. Take the time to narrow your focus, build your team, and establish a strong foundation at first. Whether your business is in flipping homes, rental properties, or a quirky BPO listing strategy, the best way to succeed is to focus on the solid base of this business. Remember - Staying focused will make you rich! MINUTE MARKERS 2:50 - Meet Mark, REO agent extraordinaire! 3:03 -; check out his podcast Invest For More 3:30 - What areas of realty expertise is Mark zoning in on these days? 4:20 - The realty scene in Colorado is at $250K average 5:15 - Mark’s father got him involved in real estate investing 7:01 - Gary Keller book influenced 8:14 - We break down our individual reading strategies 10:17 - Mark Ferguson’s worst mistake was trying to do all the work himself 12:40 - How Mark developed his REO Investment Strategy 13:57 - Mark’s change in attitude helped him sell more houses 15:01 - How to work with the banks and the REO system all the way to commission 17:30 - How blurry is the line between agent and investor when working with REO? 18:22 - Making real money from Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) 20:37 - Mark Ferguson’s biggest piece of advice 21:41 - Find your niche in this business ASAP 22:32 - “Conquer the resistance” is Mark’s favorite business quote 24:04 - Mark isn’t super techy but dropbox is his favorite app 24:42 - Is Mark on Snapchat yet? 25:12 - YouTube Connect is going to be the new Periscope 26:10 - What is “Third Circle Theory”? 27:00 - Mark has a night routine with his office in the basement 28:30 - The biggest lesson Mark Ferguson learned in this business 29:33 - Family support is crucial to Mark’s success 30:43 - What happened when Mark hired his first mentor? 33:06 - We both think of coaching as an asset and not a liability 34:55 - Check out Mark and his ’99 Diablo Lamborghini 35:45 - Get with Mark on his blog for some free coaching 36:55 - and Mark’s shop 39:30 - Time isn’t recyclable – call me at [Tweet "Once I put myself out there and started taking risks, things took off - Mark"] Links and Resources: Gary Keller The One Thing Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation The War of Art NRBA Conference Dropbox app Facebook Live Google Hangouts Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, party people? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host and founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and your host here on Profit Master Podcast Series. I'm excited about Mark Ferguson. He’s coming on here just a little bit and he’s a real estate agent...
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Kirby Atwell from iCandy Homes is on the podcast today! This guy got his feet wet in realty with a rental property in Hawaii when he was still in the military, and now he’s winning clients with bandit signs. Who’d have thought you could turn over million-dollar properties with old-school marketing like that? He’s sharing that strategy and few of his other profit-making secrets today, and you’re definitely going to learn how you can apply modern marketing to the tried-and-true methods of our business. [youtube][/youtube] Something as easy as SEO keywords can transform your signs into the pull you need. Kirby shares how one simple word like “fast” on a bandit sign totally skyrocketed his client list. He surveyed his clients and asked them directly why the sign was effective and it completely revamped his approach to marketing. Kirby’s ability to work with the psychology of this business is what really helps him nail these big sales. He’s all about talking, negotiating, and vetting. That’s right, vetting. Kirby will vet for anyone, including partners, clients, and contractors. He breaks down his vetting strategy for contractors as: Start a bidding process between 6-8 contractors Show each contractor the property at the same time - let them know they’re competing! Choose your top 3 or 4 bids Check out the top contractors’ previous and/or current projects to get a feel for how they work [Tweet "Learn how to negotiate with the seller, that’s where you're going to get grand slam deals. - Kirby"] This is just one of the many strategy nuggets Kirby is dropping on today’s episode. He truly understands what motivates this business, so catch up with him and a few of his biggest influences by tuning in now. MINUTE MARKERS 3:03 - Meet Kirby Atwell! 3:42 - Kirby’s expertise in fix-and-flip AND brokerage 4:40 - Why and how Kirby’s fix-and-flip partnership works 5:15 - What it’s like to work with $1Million+ properties 6:57 - Rich Dad Poor Dad radically changed Kirby’s perspective 8:39 - The biggest influence in Kirby’s career is his mom (no joke!) 10:00 - What big lesson did Kirby learn from contractors? 11:45 - The processes and systems Kirby applied after his contracting experiences 12:47 - Kirby’s inside tips for finding the best contractor 14:17 - Kirby’s Secret Sauce (or, his personal profit-making strategy) 14:50 - How old school bandit signs work for Kirby’s team 16:20 - You’ll never guess Kirby’s marketing strategy 18:00 - Insider Strategy: How to save your phone number as a website 19:40 - How Kirby designs his marketing survey 21:40 - Kirby’s best piece of business advice 24:55 - How to use the hard stuff – like negotiation and sales – to build your business 26:35 - Kirby breaks down his psychology of the sale with Sean Terry’s podcast 27:30 - Kirby’s favorite motivational quotes 29:50 - How to take a smart risk 31:00 - Kirby’s favorite apps and how they keep him organized 32:35 - Kirby’s winning morning routine 33:00 - What’s in Kirby’s green shake? 34:13 - Kirby’s most important life lesson 37:12 - What is Kirby most grateful for? 38:06 - Why you need a mentor from Day 1 (and how to vet them) 38:58 - How starting a family changes Kirby’s business perspective 41:00 - Get in touch with Kirby (and ask about joint ventures!) [Tweet "You really got to invest in yourself and invest in your knowledge. - Kirby"] Links and Resources: Check out Kirby’s website. And if you’re in the Midwest, get with Kirby for some winning joint venture opportunities: And if you haven’t read it yet, you need to catch up with the rest of us:  Rich Dad Poor Dad Podio & Strikingly for website design Sean Terry’s Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast Brian Tracy’s Success Channel Microsoft’s OneNote app Audible Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription
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Today’s guest - Josh Schoenly, The Client Alchemist – has one of the smartest real estate investment strategies I’ve seen. He knows that working smart is a supplement for the hard work you’re already putting in, and the processes he talks about today are going to totally transform your digital marketing strategy. I ask him the hard questions you wanted to know in order to get your social media working for you. Finding invisible audiences, reconnecting with old clients, and starting the conversation with new ones are all part of Josh’s strategy. [youtube][/youtube] Josh is the co-founder of Client Alchemist, and he helps investors connect with clients all across the globe. His four step process, which he calls “The Hierarchy of Connecting”, will break you out of that sales-person mentality: Identify Attract Connect Converse And that fourth step is the most important. Starting that conversation instead of focusing on the conversion is the key to Josh’s success. Serving people - embodying that mentor persona - is exactly how you will stay productive and profitable in this business, and we get into the ways you can do that in today’s episode. [Tweet "Every case where I’ve had success, I can tie it back to my ability to take action. - Josh"] MINUTE MARKERS 3:13 - Josh Schoenly is doing big things in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 4:10 - How did Josh get involved with real estate? 7:34 - Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad changed Josh’s life (as it does for most of us!) 8:36 - Josh breaks down the “enough is enough!” moment in his career 10:50 - Who influenced Josh the most? 12:05 - The hard lessons Josh learned from those money pit properties 13:28 - We discuss why perfection is the enemy of productivity 14:20 - Josh shares his #1 Investing Strategy (although it’s a little old school) 15:37 - How to strategize your efforts online with Facebook 19:02 - Josh’s 4 Step Strategy: The Hierarchy of Connecting 21:08 - Creating content online to identify and attract your “invisible audiences” online 22:55 - Taking advantage of local advertisement 24:30 - How Josh connects with his audience and builds a fan base 25:25 - Connecting and conversing work together in Josh’s strategy 26:00 - Breaking out of the sales-person mentality: more listening, more conversations 28:12 - Josh shares number advice for running a successful business 29:23 - Josh had a breakthrough when he put his business blinders on 31:04 - Josh’s favorite motivational business quote 31:48 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind changed Josh’s life 32:33 - Josh and Cory debate over the better Podcast apps 36:03 - Josh’s 4 kids mess with his morning routine 38:34 - What is Josh grateful for now? 41:11 - How coaches and mentors transform your perspective 44:11 - Truth and accountability will take you far in this business 47:13 - Josh’s biggest motivator might surprise you [Tweet "People hate to be sold, but they love to be served. - Josh"] Links and Resources: Connect with Josh on LinkedIn and The Client Alchemist for his blog, products, and Podcast: The Client Alchemist Show Check out the library of Russ Whitney, one of Josh’s favorite authors My Speed desktop app Cast app And for health and wellness: Juicify app and Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is going on, how are you doing? This is Cory Boatright, I'm your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters podcast series here, CEO of Real Estate Investing Profits. I hope you're having a productive, phenomenal, fun day today.I'm bringing you another guest, his name is John Schoenly. He’s actually somebody that focuses heavily on vigil marketing for real estate investing agents and real estate investors alike. He knows his stuff as you're going to see. We went through a four step process that he goes through and identifies how best to get these prospects knocking on your door dig...
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