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I am amped about today’s episode of REIP. I haven’t been this excited for an interview in a really long time. My guest today is totally changing the scene through his investment strategies and his faith, and I couldn’t be more psyched to have him on today. Paul Moore is the real estate investor behind Smith Mountain Homes and Wellings Capital, and he’s got the perfect balance between earning and giving back. This interview is one of my favorites, so strap in and get ready to have your mind blown. And please watch us on the video because Paul’s got amazing charts and graphs that really illustrate how his multi-family investing strategy works.

Paul started out flipping properties like the rest of us, but how he got into multi-family investing is really interesting. He shares today how he launched an entrepreneurial venture in Detroit, got bored, and started flipping houses before flipping was even a thing. He started with mobile homes and moved up into waterfront properties. Things got tough when the housing bubble popped, like it did for most of us, but his recovery strategy was all about giving back. He was giving to others when he had nothing and it paid off in a huge way. He’s now working with multi-million dollar investments and teaching other investors how to benefit from the low risk and tax cuts of commercial investment in apartments and multi-family homes. Be sure to watch our interview video because Paul is sharing his graphs and his work illustrating how multigenerational profits work and how you can cash in on multifamily properties and investing. Start video at the 25 minute mark to see Paul’s charts and graphs that cover the on-going transformation of the housing market as we move through the 21st century.


4:20 -  Here is Paul Moore!

5:30 - Paul’s got his own podcast

6:25 - Paul got his start at Ford Motor Company

8:00 - How did get Paul get involved in real estate?

9:15 - Paul was his own inspirational leader at first

10:15 - Paul’s local business Smith Mountain Homes helps local real estate agents

14:10 - How did faith help Paul get out of his $2.5 million debt?

16:30 - What is WWGMD and who is George Muller?

19:20 - Paul’s fateful meeting in a Subway restaurant that changed his view of subdivision

22:28 - How did Paul’s experience shape his real estate investment strategy?

24:23 - What’s the difference between investing and speculating?

25:38 - What’s working for Paul’s commercial multi-family investing? (check the video!)

28:35 - Paul’s visual aids for the echo boom and how it effects home ownership

32:25 - The graph that convinced Paul’s financial planner to invest in multi-family

36:30 - The tax benefits of commercial investing

38:20 - How are fractional owners working for Paul’s multi-family investing strategy?

42:00 - A quick summary of cost segregation and the acceleration of depreciation

45:25 - Paul breaks down forced depreciation

50:15 - What’s Paul’s favorite motivation quotes?

52:30 - Paul absolutely loves HelpSpot

53:33 - Paul’s morning routine

56:40 - Paul talks about his Type A Personality sleep patterns

58:40 - What is Paul most grateful for?

59:25 - Paul recommends finding a mentor to help you kick start your next big move

1:01:50 - What does Paul’s company – Wellings Capital – have to do with Toms Shoes?

1:03:20 - Paul’s passion stops him from retiring

1:11:00 - Check out Paul’s book The Perfect Investment


If you email Paul your receipt at, he will match your amount with a donation to Exodus Cry Films


Paul’s Podcast: How to Lose Money

Paul’s Website: Smith Mountain Homes

Paul’s Business: Wellings Capital

Paul’s Book: The Perfect Investment


George Muller


C.S. Lewis


Perry Marshall

Toms Shoes

Exodus Cry

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