Real Estate Investing Profit Masters by Cory Boatright
My guest today – Frank Cava – is easily one of my favorite people. We met awhile back as part of our mastermind group, and we’ve been swapping secrets ever since. I’m excited to have him on the show today because his particular real estate investment strategy is killing it in three different markets right now: rentals, fix-and-flips, and wholesale. How can one guy do so much? Not only is he one of the smartest guys I know (seriously, listen to him break down the numbers), he’s also one of the best guys to work with and for. [youtube][/youtube] Frank says he owes his success to the fact that he runs his business like a real business and not like a hobby. He’s got a real office and a real staff - a team of 9 that he’s hired, trained, and still manages, and he talks today about what it’s like to take the time to build a team like that. Firstly, you have to be honest about what you know and what you don’t know. Only then will you be able to find the right people to fill in the gaps of your investment strategy. You’ve also got to know when to give up control so you can put new controls in place. His amazing anecdotes about his team and the way they work together will really get you thinking about how to best hire your staff. [Tweet "I really realized the most important thing in this business is lead generation. - Frank"] On top of his management skills, Frank’s also got a keen and clear real estate investment strategy – he puts out more mailers than anyone else! No one sends more snail mail than this guy, and he’s generating the right leads and getting in touch with the right people who are willing and able to sell their properties. Frank’s consistent presence in the market makes his name more recognizable than anyone else out there, and his amazing flipping team and their unbelievably fair wholesale and rental prices keep his brand and reputation trustworthy and reliable across his niche. The marketing tips he shares on this episode will really change the way you look at lead generation. MINUTE MARKERS 3:51 - Meet the famous Mr. Frank Cava! 5:40 - Frank develops his business streams with a little internet marketing 7:12 - Construction was Frank’s way into real estate development 8:18 - How does Frank find joy in his work? 9:20 - Frank and I breakdown the most important part of this business 10:27 - Frank talks about his big business breaking point 13:05 - The million-dollar mistake Frank made was with insurance 15:08 - What’s Frank’s real estate investment strategy? 16:05 - How does Frank empower and impress his employees? 17:23 - Frank’s best advice for hiring and training 20:11 - “Being present” is how Frank keeps his edge in real estate investing 24:24 - Frank breaks down some of the math around his rentals and his wholesales 30:25 - The greatest – and “easiest” – lesson Frank ever learned 32:10 - Frank’s advice to the new crowd 36:04 - Frank’s favorite business quote 37:33 - You’ll never guess which book Frank’s got a problem with 38:59 - Frank doesn’t use a single mobile app! 42:45 - Frank’s Iron Man morning routine 44:16 - Frank is most grateful for his parents 45:15 - If you want something, you could use a model/mentor to help you get it 48:45 - Frank loves this business a little too much 52:04 - Get in touch with Frank online at and as a real estate coach at [Tweet "Don’t think small just because you’re new. - Frank"] Links and Resources: Check out what Frank Cava is doing in the Richmond area with Cava Capital. His fix and flips are stunning! On Instagram and Pinterest If you want to see our coaching in action, check out for free training videos and an in-your-face walk-through of a real life fix-and-flip. There are even more coaching resources at Phenomenal Coaching Results! Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription
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