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I’ve got the man Josh Weidman on the show today. He’s a turnkey investor who’s working the real estate scene up in Philadelphia. Josh got his start in wholesaling, but what he’s really passionate about right now is turnkey investments. He knows to buy when the market is ripe, and he’s sharing tips on how to recognize market patterns in the neighborhoods around you so you can cash in at the perfect time.

Finding that sweet spot in your real estate investment strategy relies on your ability to think long-term. Turnkey investments aren’t your typical fix-and-flip, and you’re going to be working with this property for quite a while. Josh’s secret to success is looking past the income he’s bringing in and focusing on what made those deals or properties so successful (or what didn’t). When you can think bigger than what’s right in front of you, it’s much easier to see the whole picture. And thinking big when it comes to real estate is really the only way to go.

But Josh is talking about more than just his real estate investment strategy today. This is a guy with a real passion for this business, and he shares how he stays so optimistic and energized about his career. Josh is the kind of guy who lives with a purpose and he goes beyond the paycheck to find his motivation. This is a trick he learned from his mentors and coaches over the years. Hiring a coach will help you keep your eye on the prize, and it’s only one of the many nuggets of knowledge Josh is sharing today. Tune in now to catch them all.


2:20 - Meet Josh Weidman!

2:53 - What’s Josh’s area of expertise?

3:42 - Josh got into real estate investing when he was 16

4:59 - Josh’s biggest influence might surprise you

6:07 - Josh used to sell water purifiers door-to-door (yikes!)

7:44 - Josh breaks down his real estate investment strategy

11:15 - How to make a six-figure mistake

12:20 - How to lose $30,000

15:21 - The single greatest lesson Josh ever learned

16:22 - Advice for all the new investors

19:13 - Josh’s favorite motivational quote

21:34 - Josh’s favorite book of all time

24:24 - Josh’s philosophy on mobile apps

26:41 - Does Josh get 8 hours of sleep at night?

31:13 - Josh knows what people really want

32:07 - Josh’s tips for a productive morning

35:10 - What is Josh most grateful for?

36:21 - Josh’s favorite special on Netflix

37:17 - The best time to hire a mentor

40:50 - Josh’s secret to lifelong positivity

44:05 - How to get in touch with Josh

45:20 - What’s Josh doing right now in real estate?


I dove into this thing. I was so hot and ready to go and I was 16 with no money. - Josh

Don’t fix problems. Think about how they can be and go towards that ideal. - Josh

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