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Welcome to Real Estate Investing Profit Masters! I’ve got my twin on the podcast today! At least, people are always saying we look alike. But Alex Joungblood is really killing it on the scene today with his wholesaling and construction projects. The man can balance it all – work, family, and investing – and really just has an amazing and positive approach to life and everything that he does.

A mistake landed him in the wholesaling business. Alex messed up his first deal, ended up going to court and lost money, but wholesaling got him out of the deal. He made a $12,000 profit, even after losing money initially, and it’s not just because he has good luck. Alex is an awesome business man with a positive attitude. He’s developed incredible hacks to break out of stagnant investing strategies. He and I actually worked together to bring a few of these hacks to you at These are very basic hacks you can do without having a whole bunch of robots or virtual assistants. Alex doesn’t even have a virtual assistant at the moment. He’s crushing it all on his own, and he’s been able to create the kind of lifestyle he and his family deserve.

What makes Alex so successful? It’s definitely his “no excuses” mentality. You know that nothing is going to happen if you don’t do something first. It’s up to you to turn mistakes into profits, and it’s up to you to take that first step toward success. Even if you try it once, go get a “real job”, and then come back to real estate later (which is exactly what Alex did), all of your success will be because you took the initiative to learn what you needed to in order to get the job done. You’ve gotta take the leap if you want to fly. So Alex and I want to know – what’s YOUR next move?


4:50 - Meet Mr. Alex Joungblood!

6:00 - Infomercials really got Alex involved in real estate

7:50 - What did Alex learn from his first deal?

11:05 - New construction is Alex’s real estate focus right now

15:18 - Alex’s breaking point was when he got a “real job”

18:25 - How did Alex decide to wholesale houses full time?

20:20 - Alex breaks down his profit master investing strategy

26:10 - We share our marketing hacks from

29:29 - The biggest lesson Alex learned

32:25 - If Alex started over again, he’d approach it from a data-driven standpoint

35:33 - Alex’s favorite motivational quote and books

41:48 - Alex’s favorite work and fitness apps

43:22 - How does Alex get 8 hours of sleep with 4 kids??

44:58 - Alex is most grateful for his family

45:50 - Alex talks about his different mentors and coaches

46:38 - Alex is motivated by his ability to create his own schedule and lifestyle

48:25 - Who has better taste in Monopoly properties – Cory or Alex?

51:14 - Get in touch with Alex on Facebook @Wholesaling HousesFT



Alex’s Website:

Alex’s Facebook: Wholesaling Houses Full Time

17 Wholesaling Hacks

Carelton Sheets

Russ Whitney

The 4-Hour Workweek



Fitness Pal


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