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I’m really excited about my guest today because his outlook on business is a little different than anybody else I’ve had on the show. Tom Olson has managed to incorporate giving back into his KPI, and his investment strategy focuses on giving back to people just as much as he turns profits for himself. This kind of perspective, and the advice he’s giving out for young people today, is extremely important to your and my continued success in this business. [youtube][/youtube] Tom’s real estate investment strategy is all about adding value. He uses wholesaling and leasing options to grow his turnover, but he also loves lending and manages to use that to his benefit as well. You might think this kind of success is hard to come by. How can you achieve so much and share so much at the same time? When you think outside of yourself, that process becomes much easier. Because achievement doesn’t happen overnight. Achievement is a process, a process that you share with others and work on with others. [Tweet "Good success is more on the education side and teaching people. - Tom"] MINUTE MARKERS 5:30 - What is Tom’s expertise in real estate investing? 7:40 - Tom knows that good business comes from having the right kind of success 9:56 - Tom’s biggest influence is Robert Kiyosaki 11:55 - How did Tom just evolve naturally into real estate? 14:06 - Tom’s breaks down his unique breaking point 15:05 - What are the two things Tom wants to do? 17:54 - The biggest challenge Tom ever faced is happening right now 19:36 - How to say no at the right time 21:35 - Tom shares his investing strategy 26:04 - What is Tom’s wholesale and rental process? 30:22 - Tom is always looking to add value to people, to property, and to business 32:22 - The greatest life lesson Tom ever learned 36:32 - Tom’s advice is always: “Think bigger!” 37:51 - Tom’s favorite motivational quote 38:45 - Besides the Bible, Tom’s favorite book is Think and Grow Rich. 41:34 - Tom’s favorite mobile app 42:25 - How Tom convinced his wife to wake up at 5am with him every morning 44:40 - Does Tom get 8 hours of sleep every night? 47:20  -Never settle. There are bigger things out there. 48:46 - What is Tom most grateful for? 50:15 - Tom says to find a mentor ASAP 52:50 - How to help yourself in order to help others 55:55 - Why does Tom love this business? 57:15 - Get in touch with Tom at [Tweet "Belief is the most powerful thing we can hold. When you believe you can, you can. - Tom"] Links and Resources: Collective Genius Mastermind Robert Kiyosaki Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares The Sleight Edge by Jeff Olson 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy The War of Art by Steven Pressfield The One Thing by Gary Keller Audible Olson Property Services Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory:        What is going on people? This is Cory Boatright, I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters and the founder of Real Estate Investing Profits. I hope you're having a phenomenal, fun and productive day. If you're not being productive, you're not having fun, come on man? You got to step up your game.                     You know who I have today on with an interview is someone that actually has stepped up his game and the team and their company and it’s someone that I have a great deal of respect for. He comes from a mastermind group that I'm a part of that is just incredible called Collective Genius. If you haven’t checked that out, go to and see if you're a good fit.                     Tom Olson is somebody that is really just taking it to the next level. Him and his partner, Wayne Sheaffer with Good Success company, what they're doing right now is over 250 all kinds of flips and wh...
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A lot of the guests I bring on my show are killing it in the real estate investment scene, but most of them focus on single-family properties. I’m changing it up a bit today to bring you guys something new. This new perspective comes from Rod Khleif, real estate investor extraordinaire and host of his own podcast, The Lifetime Cash Flow. Rod is blowing the rest of us out of the water because his trick is multifamily units. [youtube][/youtube] Multifamily units can sound kind of intimidating, but as Rod says on today’s episode, buying a duplex (or a triplex or a quadplex) is the same as buying a single-family home. You don’t have to go big with a 10 or 20-unit apartment or commercial property, but you can start small and still grow a nice nest egg to retire with. The point is to break out and away from your fear and try something new. Rod shares some his experiences and his real estate investment strategy to help you get started with your own multifamily investments. Beyond his experience and his money-making, Rod also has huge advice for those of us who are still trying to figure out what we’re doing here. Yes, we’re investing, yes we’re flipping properties, but are you passionate about it? Rod wants to know how you’re working to find your ultimate mission. Rod is grateful for his ability to help other people, and he wouldn’t be able to do that if he wasn’t an ace at real estate investing. His smart investment strategies paid off not only for himself and his family but for the foundations and communities he helps out. Because when you love what you do, work is play, and you end up sharing this great, successful energy with everyone around you. [Tweet "I’ve realized that what drives me now is having the ability to have the biggest impact. - Rod"] MINUTE MARKERS 4:15 - What’s Rod’s expertise right now in the investing world? 6:05 - Why Rod thinks multifamily properties are awesome 7:08 - Rod’s mom is his biggest influence and motivator 8:04 - A few tricks to build appreciation and wealth with multifamily properties 9:40 - What was the biggest challenge Rod faced? 11:44 - Why should you start considering multifamily units? 13:07 - What lesson got Rod to where he’s at today? 15:35 - What’s the acronym for FEAR? 19:01 - This is what happens when you step out of your comfort zone 20:20 - How to organize your goals for success 22:22 - What would have Rod done differently? 25:58 - The two things you need to do to start working multifamily 30:33 - Rod’s favorite motivational quote 33:00 - What is Rod’s morning routine? 34:04 - Rod calls himself a “technological midget” 34:50 - Why does Rod use CRM? 39:39 - How in the world does Rod get over 8 hours of sleep a day? 40:04 - Rod’s a romantic and most grateful for his wife and family 41:25 - Rod has an important message for you, my listeners 44:14 - How important has coaching been for Rod’s career? 45:24 - Rod is in this business for more than just the material things 49:25 - Text the word ROD to 41411 to pre-order his new book! [Tweet "Achievement is critical but fulfillment is what your ultimate outcome needs to be. - Rod"] Links and Resources: Call With Cory Tony Robbins Grant Cardone CRM Podio “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson Investor Fuse The Grateful Project The Prayer Project Rod’s Foundation Tiny Hands Foundation Rod’s Podcast Lifetime Cash Flow And don’t forget to text “ROD” to 41411 to pre-order his new book! Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: What is up, what is up. This is Cory Boatright. I am your host of Real Estate Investing Profit Masters and the founder of Real Estate Investing Profits. What is going on? I hope you're having a phenomenal week or weekend, whenever you're listening to our program. Today, I have somebody that has his own podcast and you might have heard of him before,
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Today I’m talking to Craig Ballantyne - a productivity and success transformation coach, and author of Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. He is also the owner and editor of Early to Rise, a daily online publication to increase productivity and success in all aspects of your life. [youtube][/youtube] Craig has a background in fitness and strength training, and coaches clients in Strength & Conditioning from his home in Toronto, Canada. He has overcome personal anxiety by using his 5 pillars of success: better planning and preparation, professional accountability, positive social support, a meaningful incentive, and the big deadline. Listen today to hear about his five pillar system to increase your productivity and improve your business. [Tweet "You can read all the books on sales but until you get out there, you never get good at it. - Craig"] MINUTE MARKERS 5:05 - Introducing Craig Ballantyne! 8:21 - Craig discusses how he got involved in the personal development space 9:56 - Craig’s expertise in personal discipline and how he helps others 10:41 - Craig on his decision not to curse or swear as a personal choice 13:07 - Influences in Craig’s professional life: Michael Masterson, Mark Ford and Dan Kennedy 16:10 - The importance of role-playing sales transactions in coaching 17:50 - Craig overcame medical anxiety with his 5 pillar system of success: better planning and preparation, professional accountability, positive social support, a meaningful incentive, and the big deadline 19:55 - Craig reflects on his success as a weight loss coach and his personal impact on others 24:15 - The importance of reaching out for help in life and using coaches to accomplish goals 26:00 - Craig’s greatest life lesson is the power of people and not trying to do everything on your own 27:17 - Early to Rise’s core values: Never ever give up on what is important to you. However, know what it is that is important and give up the rest. 29:26 - Listen for Craig’s recommended reading list: Man’s Search for Meaning; The Art of Living 34:20 - Craig on the importance of gratitude journaling as a life-changing habit 36:20 - How to be a great speaker by being entertaining and making listeners feel good 38:00 When is the right time to get a coach? 40:50  Craig explains what drives him to do what he does as a coach and in business [Tweet "Never ever give up on what is important to you - Craig"] Links and Resources: Craig Ballantyne Free Gift: Time Journal Perfect Day Formula - Amazon Perfect Day Formula Kit Early to Rise Twitter @craigballantyne Man’s Search for Meaning The Art of Living Full Transcript Download the PDF Transcription Cory: Welcome back. What is going on? My name is Cory Boatright, I am the founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and your host on Real Estate Investing Profit Master’s podcast series. We’re going to change up what we’ve been doing here for the last, I don’t know, 30 episodes or so. I appreciate you attending and all of the fantastic comments that come for the podcast. I do my very best to bring on some killer guests for you and basically extract everything I possibly can out of their brain to help you in your investing journey. What we’re doing today is something different. I’m going to bring on, in about three minutes, a guy that is someone that you going to want to pay a lot attention to not only from what he has to say and the five pillars he’s going to go over but also really taking notice of some of the things that he’s done in his life to impact other people. His name is Mr. Craig Ballantyne and he is basically a productivity and success transformation coach. He’s at Toronto, Ontario, Canada and he’s basically authored a perfect day formula, how to own the day and control your life. Why would I bring on a productivity expert for a real estate investing podcast? Well,