Real Estate Investing Profit Masters by Cory Boatright

I’ve got another Corey on the show today, and he is seriously my hero. Corey Peterson, the CEO of Kahuna Investments, is crushing the scene right now with his million dollar multi-family investments. He’s made $3 million in net profits off of some of these properties. On today’s episode, he’s breaking down his profit master investment strategy and sharing the secrets of OMP. That’s Other People’s Money for those of you wondering. Corey’s got some incredible tactics for linking up with investors. He’s going to walk us through his elevator pitch and give us all pointers on how to build the right kind of investment relationships.

Corey’s going to tell us how we can stop listening to the tiny voice in our head that tells us we can’t. Self-talk and self-doubt plague a lot of us in this business. Real estate investment comes with a lot of risk, and no doubt these risks are intimidating. But Corey gets support from some amazing people, and his strategies for overcoming fears and investing wisely will really propel you forward in your own business.

If you’ve never considered multifamily before, don’t shy away from it now. It’s very similar to single-family investing, and Corey has a few strategies for breaking down the math and really understanding these intimidating concepts. He knows how to find the best accountants and management teams, and he’s even narrowed it down to the little things like when to raise rent and how to improve tenant relationships with lighting. If you’re interested in branching out of your comfort zone and want try a new approach to investing, seriously listen to what the Big Kahuna has to say.


5:00 - Meet the Big Kahuna himself – Corey Peterson!

6:02 - How did Corey get into real estate investing?

8:57 - Who was Corey’s first mentor?

10:05 - What was Corey’s breaking point?

15:00 - How Corey turned his investment process into a lifelong journey

17:40 - Corey’s huge profit master investment strategy

19:33 - What two things are investors looking for?

20:24 - Corey gives us his elevator pitch for finding investors

22:08 - How investors can use their IRA to help you out

25:40 - How does Corey build relationships with his investors?

27:55 - Corey seriously raised $1.4 million in OPM! (that’s other people’s money)

29:22 - Corey’s $8 million “Godfather” real estate investment strategy

32:32 - The powerful value adds you can get from multifamily investments

34:45 - How Corey cleaned up a bad apartment

38:16 - Lighting is more important than you think for your investment

40:15 - Where Corey found amazing accountants

42:16 - What’s forced appreciation and what does it do to your NOI?

45:56 - What is a capex?

51:00 - The greatest lesson Corey ever learned

55:48 - Corey’s favorite motivational quote

58:50 - Corey’s favorite book

1:01:40 - Corey doesn’t use a single app except Facebook

1:02:41 - Corey’s winning morning routine

1:03:41 - A mentor is Corey’s key to success

1:05:12 - How does real estate investing continue to inspire Corey?

1:06:22 - Who is Corey most grateful for?

1:08:45 - Corey’s dropping a brand new education program

1:09:03 - When is Corey’s book coming out?


The one thing I can say I am good at is raising private capital. I got really good at it. - Corey


What I realized is that money is always patient, it always has the last look, the money is able to negotiate the best deals, the money is in the money. - Corey


Kahuna Wealth Builders

Kahuna Investments

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

Why the Rich Get Richer: The Secrets to Cash Flowing Apartments by Corey Peterson

Dave Lindhal

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