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Today’s episode is a little bit different because I’m talking to Larry Higgins, a skip tracing genius. He’s got his own company – Skip Genie – where his team helps other real estate agents do all of their skip tracing.

For those of you who don’t know, skip tracing is a way to find sellers. These sellers are usually hard to find because their properties are what Larry calls “distressed”. These are vacant properties, tax delinquent properties, or properties where owners are deceased and the estate is looking to sell. If you can skip trace correctly and connect with these unique sellers, you can catch some amazing deals.

You’re going to be surprised at Larry’s investing profit strategy. He absolutely hates direct mailers (even though his company deals with a lot of mailers!), but his unique perspective really gives him up a leg-up in this industry. He can connect real estate agents like you with skip trace sellers looking to sell ASAP. His secret is automation. Your mailers combined with his searching techniques could really unlock a lot of possible deals for you by just connecting you with sellers you would have never known about otherwise. So listen to the podcast and hear what Larry has to say! He’s going to blow your mind with his skip tracing strategies.


4:13 - Larry joins us from Houston!

5:18 - How did Larry segue way from real estate to tracing?

7:08 - Skip tracing was a natural progression for Larry

8:36 - We’re both great friends with Mitch Stephen

9:43 - Larry’s skip tracing profit master investing strategy

11:20 - What’s Larry’s beef with direct mailers?

14:14 - Larry breaks down his skip tracing services

15:50 - The benefit of working with Larry Higgins

18:55 - What is skip tracing really?

20:04 - What kind of info does skip tracing deliver?

21:25 - How often does Larry find properties with skip tracing?

24:36 - How much mail does Larry process with skip tracing?

25:54 - Larry’s favorite books

27:53 - Larry’s favorite app is seriously Google Maps

28:21 - Larry only wants 6 hours of sleep

29:02 - What’s Larry grateful for?

32:03 - Get in touch with Larry at


I’m just really targeting what I go after. The goal is to get you a deal as quickly as possible. - Larry


My general rule is the harder somebody is to find, the more likely that’s going to be a pretty good deal. - Larry


Links and Resources:


Skip Genie

Mitch Stephen

My Life and 1,000 Houses by Mitch Stephen

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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