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Welcome to the newest episode of the Real Estate Investing Podcast! You know I am always on here talking about efficacy and helping others uncover and tap into their own potential. My guest today is a living example of that. I'm pumped to have Lex Levinrad on the show today because his success in real estate is not only due to his amazing skills as a marketer and a wholesaler, but a lot of it comes from his self-confidence and trust in himself and his own potential.

Lex is making 20 deals a month and living it up on his yacht. But back in the early 2000s, the market crash chewed him up and spit him out just like it did with a bunch of us. It's hard to bounce back from a solid year of unemployment like that, but Lex did it! He stuck to his convictions and trusted himself to take the risk and it paid off HUGE! He hit the pavement and invested in some amazing mentors to help him get to where he is today.

Today Lex is in a pretty amazing spot at the top of this business. He's got a buyers‘ list that looks like it's on steroids, and he's breaking down his real estate investment strategy to help us all build and maintain a list this big. And the secret is more obvious than you think. So tune in now because you don't want to miss out on this inspiring episode!


4:00 - Meet Lex Levinrad!

5:03 - Why is Lex such the expert?

5:50 - Here's how Lex sets up his winning staff

6:42 - What got Lex into real estate investing?

8:25 - What really inspired Lex to become a real estate legend?

9:19 - Lex shares his biggest influences

11:20 - Lex’s best wholesale strategy involves marketing

12:37 - How will you build your buyers’ list with “brute force marketing”?

14:50 - Where does Lex find all his buyers?

16:30 - Lex’s big secret to building a network

18:02 - How does Lex protect his back end?

19:40 - How does a land trust actually work?

20:35 - What are the different kinds of buyers you'll deal with in this business?

23:34 - Lex breaks down his biggest real estate challenge

25:43 - The best lesson that got Lex to where he is today

29:45 - How does Lex approach coaching?

34:11 - Lex drops some advice for the new folks

37:00 - Lex's favorite quote

40:05 - Which Tony Robbins book inspired Lex the most?

41:20 - How is Lex living the dream?

44:07 - Lex‘s favorite app is one of the most underrated!

47:08 - Does Lex get 8 hours of sleep?

47:34 - What is Lex most grateful for?

48:57 - What's his winning morning routine?

54:53 - How important was a coach to Lex‘s success?

57:36 - Why does Lex love this business?

59:50 - Connect with Lex Levinrad!



It’s a delicate balance between keeping the buyer happy and us making sufficient profit. - Lex

Change the way you think because there’s so much more out there that you’re capable of. - Lex

Links and Resources:

Carleton Sheets

Robert Allen

Zig Ziglar’s Little Book Of Big Quotes

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by

Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

Think and Grow Rich by

Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

Google Photo

Google Drive


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