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Welcome to the Real Estate Investment Profit Masters! Today’s interview is an important one. I brought Jeff Garner on from St. Louis to break down his wholesaling investment strategy, but we end up talking about something way more meaningful. Jeff’s got about 100 properties and he’s making 12 deals a month, but that’s not where his satisfaction comes from. He’s got a knack for being happiest in this business because he focuses on more than just the money.

When Jeff lost it all in the market crash of the 2000s, he had to reprioritize and reframe his approach to business. He honed his craft as a salesman by paying more attention to the people than the numbers.  Jeff talks about how his idea of being the most professional and offering the best service built his portfolio.

Being able to evolve with his investment strategy so seamlessly is partly due to Jeff’s ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Jeff talks about how his new sales techniques and professionalism helped him find investors when he didn’t have any capital of his own. You can start using his strategies today to get you out of that rough patch. Tune in now and check out what Jeff has to say!


5:48 - Meet Jeff Garner from St. Louis!

6:30 - What made Jeff get involved with investing?

8:00 - Jeff’s dad was his biggest influence

8:40 - The difference between real estate agents and brokers

9:52 - Jeff’s big breaking point

11:20 - How did Jeff get over his biggest investing fears?

14:20 - Jeff’s epic Profit Investing Master Strategy

15:55 - Jeff pays attention to the people in order to stand out from the competition

26:05 - The biggest challenge Jeff faced as an investor

28:45 - How to break out of your own mental blocks

31:48 - The single greatest less Jeff ever learned came from a two-year-old

36:40 - Jeff drops some advice for new folks

38:22 - Jeff’s favorite business quote

39:40 - Jeff’s favorite book is pretty powerful

41:06 - Jeff drinks his coffee in the dark

43:15 - What is Jeff most grateful for?

44:54 - When did Jeff hire a coach?

47:03 - Where does Jeff’s motivation come from?

48:17 - Get in touch with Jeff on Facebook

Links and Resources:

Jeff’s LinkedIn: Jeff Garner

Jeff’s Facebook: St. Louis Wholesale

Starting Point Real Estate

Garner Realty


My Lifebook

Zig Ziglar

Dale Carnegie

Tony Robbins

How To Win Friends and Influence People

Think and Grow Rich

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